I would like to seek some advice

Hi all,

I’am a new member in this beautiful community. Currently it’s been 13 days No PMO since my last relapse last month. I wan’t to asking question that confused me for the long time and hanging around in my head. Until now i didn’t told my partner about this addiction and every night she asking for for a sex. But i always try to avoid her persuade. Is it okay to have sex with our partner during this PMO therapy i guess for cleaning our mind from porn toxic.

Highly appreciate for your opinion

Thanks in advance

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Hello, welcome to our community.

This depends on your goals and your motivation. Maybe these questions help you identify your situation: Does having sex with your partner make you feel uncomfortable? Do you practice any abusive patterns during sex because you saw those in porn? Has your partner mentioned any concern regarding sex with you (e.g. feeling hurt, “just a chore”, boring etc.)? If you answer any of those with “Yes”, then it perhaps would be beneficial for you to step back for a while and rewire your brain.

However, if you don’t relate to any of those, then perhaps porn and masturbation is what makes you lose confidence, feel weak, feel shame etc. Abstain from those kind of things.

That’s why there are different modes on this journey.
No P = no porn
No PM = no porn, no masturbation
No PMO = no porn, no masturbation, no orgasm (by any means)
(and then there are other variations)

I hope this helps you.

Take care.

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My partners until today never had an inconvinience sex experience with me everytime we’re doing intimate activity.

I never implemented what i saw in porn vids into my sex life or my partner. My only concern is the addicted of porn, everytime i feel kinda sad or bored i usually open porn so i’m afraid this addiction will ruined my relationship.

Highly appreciate for your effort and time for answering my question.

God bless u and all the people who still strugle with PMO

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