I would like to confide in you all about something

So my now fiancee and planned in saving sex for marriage.

Didn’t work out.

For background, she’a Filipina, I’m American, we had an LDR and met for the first time recently.

We had sex the first night we met.

And again like 10 times after during the almost one month I was there visiting, on top of all the times we just “played” with each other.

I’m not bragging. I’m honestly not incredibly proud to say that. Only reason I am saying it here and not the Facebook group is because I can be anonymous here.

I remember very well the times we had sex. And now that I am back home it’s very tempting to recall and masturbate about it. That’s a problem!!! I don’t want to masturbate anymore!! Not even to her!! I only masturbated alone once while there. I haven’t masturbated at all since.

It felt so good to be with her in person, and my mind is playing tricks with me saying if I fap about it, then I will relive it. But it’s a LIE!! I won’t relive it. I can’t relive a real life experience alone. I want my fiancee to become my wife not a girl I fap alone to.

Any encouraging words to keep me going fap free please?

This is why normal moders lose when their partner is taken away from them for some time. Try some hard mode. What is the use if we do not gain will power?


Thanks bro! I will do hard mode… No more orgasms period!

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