I will award you money ifyou win

After 50 days streak I decided to go for more and this time I am using money to restrict myself and you as well… if I lose and relapse then I will gift you 1000 INR( around 15 USD )…
Join me if you are interested


Well, then add me as your companion

This is my code

Added bro good luck👍

My sharing code : k8vnil

I dont want your money. But you can count me in this challenge

Yeah I understand that… But as money matters for me it is a good restriction for me when I feel strong urges. You can consider it as a winning gift if you win… Join me if interested: ekseb4

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My code: ydavqz
I hope you’ll be a strong opponent.

This for real​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: :white_check_mark:?

Yes it’s for real man…

Alright buddy… Count me in… Higher the stakes better the game

Add me

My code : 852673

Added brother… Best of luck

Interested to join …

sharing code …

Count me in too
My sharing code :ivbzdu

There will be high chances of faking in the fear of loosing money. We never know if our companion is really true.


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