I was enlightened at cousin's birthday

Yesterday I went to cousin’s birthday. There was family and a lot of youth. It was at 3 day of #nofapchallenge. I drank a lot of vodka, ate hot meals of Polish cuisine, it was like a mini wedding. Alcohol most probably helped a bit, but I am sure those early days of no PMO gave me confidence to dance with cousins, aunts and even strange women, especially because I have been depressed for months. Guys, I started admiring beauty of normal women. There was one beautiful angel, but I lacked confidence and time to dance with her, which I know we would for we exchanged looks a lot. God showed me the glimpse of another, better life, where women are normal and not objectified!I even talked with strangers at the table and had nice conversations. I never want to be a human of second category again! Take that experience of mine and follow the only right way of #nofap!


Thats well said man see you at the top