I want to say something to everyone here!

I’ve been on this app for quite some time, I met good and supportive people, even very nice people with different beliefs. I showed my support and love to them, and they did the same thing. But there are some things that I, as a person cannot really handle. We can argue without insulting someone , without using irony. That drives me nuts! I know I’m not the one but i can’t be good all the time with people disrespecting me. My behavior might not be the best one but I truly guarantee you that if you get to know me, or not come aggressively to me in general, I will help you the best as I can, peace, love.


Hlo dude ,we are here altogether don’t be so messed with people’s behaviour. Let them be however they are .You are a good person .Maintain your self esteem at every point in life .
Take care.


Thank you sir, it means a lot to me❤️


I saw that topic bro…don’t mind…stay strong…


Act like you will find your peace and fine … don’t be so hard for yourself .
If you focus a little you will find that you force yourself to be good for all … but you forget that you are here first of all for yourself to be strong and yourself …
In Brief : when you are ready do what you want and if you need something ask for it don’t be hard for yourself …
In masterbation , there are a part of hardness we do it to ourselves or when we remember bad moments or relapse … we forget ourselves but we have not to be so hard … so I hope that you understand my point …and to be fine
Believe me this is an advice for myself before sharing it … hope we will be fine .