I want to know about this app

I am new here. I don’t know how to use this app. Anybody help me

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Hello there!
This app is here to help those who struggle from porn, masturbation, or lust in general. It was created by a person known as Taher. He realized the issue occurring in this day and age and wanted to do something about it.
On this app, you are encouraged to avoid any filthy things due to lust. You have the main page which counts the days you have not relapsed (orgasmed). You have a statistics page to help you see how to improve. You have a companion page to check your friends progress! This page for forums to hear stories! And a notification page.
If you need more help, just message me!


Yeah buddy. What is different between massage board and forum.


Message board u can upload your own message but f a person want to reply to your message, they can only message in forum…u can simply update your daily things in message board and then u can use forum to interact with people and ask question using topic on the right hand side of the forum

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