I want someone to talk to... I'm struggling


Can I talk with anyone? I need support…


Yes sure.

What do you want to talk about?


Well I am here. If you need someone to talk to your welcome with me.
Code: 826714


Add me, here’s my code 71b3839

Just message me anytime if you just need to rant out or just vent out.


Hola, Carito. Estuve offline todo el día. Pero ahora estoy en casa y si quieres podemos hablar. :blush:


Carlito you got so many friends


Holaaa @caritogap y @anon23141371


Hola, @KateSista!!! Cómo estás?


Tudu bem! Jaja e voce?


Olha o português dela! :scream:
Uau! :joy::joy:
Estou muito bem também. Obrigada. :blush:


Jaja pero es todo lo que se decir

Saludos serene!:smiley_cat:


Saludos, Kate!


Hi @caritogap, you’re never far from support here!
I’m here if you need someone to listen to your thoughts, and give advise where you feel you need it!
Wishing you well on your journey!