I want some hope

Plz help me.

Is body is born to do sex and ejaculate ?
How can i control my own dick from ejaculating ?

First of start meditating.
U dont need to control ur dick u need to control ur mind and urges


What is meditation ?

Observing without concluding… Just observe ur urges
Observe triggers that start urges
Observe mind and breath
If urges occurs come to this present moment that u are living in.
And if u relapsed its fine and normal to feel guilty and shame if observe that.
I hope this helps u in ur journey.
Love.light.peace and namaste.


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Regular exercise and proper meditation …
Sleep at exact time…wake up early in the morning.

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Hi @Powerfulman hope you’re keeping well. Our body is mande for a much greater purpose then sex but I see your point. The thing is that we are made for connection and sex is a part of that and it’s beautiful to organsim with another person you love. But porn is not sex its only the idea of sex, your not connecting with another person, porn is counterfeit pleasure, there’s nothing real in it.

There are many reasons why we watch porn, my experience is that whenever I watch porn is out of not wanting to feel anxious or because I’m experiencing a unpleasant state and porn has been has been a way to quiet down those fears.

Our biological urge for “sex and enjaculate” is designed to lead us to seek a woman not pictures/videos on a screen.

We’re on a journey and I’m glad to be on it with you. You’re not going to understand everything in one go don’t give up, you’re not alone.


Thanks @_TIGER @Hust56

We are in this together. Become my companions.

No, sex is just part of life it ain’t our purpose unless if you make it to be all about sex.

Sex has a time and place and purpose in your life, like mentioned. We as humans tend to wanna make life easier or efficient and also something that is good bad. Like the phone is actually there as a tool to serve us and also enrich our lives with communication and also learning stuff through the internet, but thanks to us internet has a dark side to it.

You can choose how to live your life and control your sex life. Your purpose in life is determined by your circumstances and your choices like religion for example what does your religion tell you to do?

What does your circumstances tell you to do like how you better the lives including your own around you also things you like like if you are a mechanic you could help an old lady maybe whose car broke down. That tipe of stuff for example. This is hard but once you found where you fit in and feel good no matter what the mood you knoe you belong there. It is hard to change or leave some stuff but in time your inner voice will tell you. You just have to belive and trust in it and your religion!

Good luck stay strong and awesome!

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