I used to get Severe anxiety

In my teens I used to get severe anxiety and would get too nervous to go out in public, I would often stay home because of my anxiety around people, it was so bad at 1 point that I even stopped going to school, I ended up dropping out, my anxiety started to get worse and I felt more isolated from people, I realized it was a mistake leaving school there was no going back for me, I then fell into a depression for a year or so, and that soon lead me to Pmo for the first time, all it did was make my anxiety worse and I was locking myself in my room at this point, all I would do is Jack off, I then started to wonder why I was feeling guilty every time I would nut, I did some research and discovered nofap, I joined these communities and soon learned that there were other people going through the same thing, I was still new to this and didn’t really take it seriously, and a few months later I fell into a binge for 3 months, until I started to take things seriously and that’s when I started to grow, my anxiety started to reduce and started slowly going out in public again there were many relapses along the way but I would grow, and take this nearly a year later I recently went 80 but I fell, but got back up, there were a few relapses, but I’m on day 26. Today I no longer get anxiety like I used I like to face things head on, I like to push myself out of my comfort zone, which is as simple as going to the supermarket, or getting up to go to work and work with other people I know longer get scared of being around people, I’m still shy, but sometimes I will talk, I make sure I’m around people as much as possible, Ive turned over a new leaf with my anxiety and nofap has definitely helped with this.