I understand why I feel so bad

Yeah life is unfair
See the orange dot over there?
It’s an independent kingdom of Mewar
A small dot in the ocean of pink kingdom
Yknow what happened that time? The pink kingdom was immensely stronger than any other kingdoms
The other kings (small independent kingdoms) surrendered to the power of Mughals and allied with them. That dot didn’t. His name is Maharana Pratap, and when he was born he had only a broken kingdom, absolutely nothing. No standing army. No resources. All he had was the will to fight back. He had just one fort (that too partly broken by cannons)
He rushed to the forest. He learned fighting arts. He did everything that was in his power but he didn’t give up. He gathered men, and took on against the mighty Mughal empire (the pink ocean). Vastly outnumbered. Both in men and resources. Everything around him was broken, except his spirit. Everything was unfair to him. He still fought on. And yes he didn’t lose. He actually recaptured the part of his kingdom that were lost before he was born. He is my hero. I love him. He constantly reminds of that unbreakable hope and will that can literally pull you through an impossible situation. If you think life is unfair for you, always look at this picture.


You are selling yourself out to depression. Don’t do that. Depression is not your friend.
Let’s take yourself out of depression.


FUCK SELF PITY There is no emotion more heinous. Everyone on this forum has experienced it at one point or another. Just do whatever the fuck you need to do. You know what you need to do. Just fucking do it. This instant. Right now.

You told me I can share my feelings here freely. But I feel like I didn’t have to.


This feeling is because our brain is destroyed because of PMO and it will take time to fully heal. Patience is the key. Calm down, relax a little and don’t get overwhelmed by what life has become these days. You can’t let the outer world disturb the inner peace within you. Your inner peace is divine. Don’t let anyone or anything disturb it. I have a lot of such issues and I am slowly healing.


Destroyed , why ?!
You 're not the only one man , believe me we are all have many things makes us down and dissappointed but there are a hope …
This hope always be in your soul if you like and for anytime you grow this … I advice you to do a meditation for a week for just 15 min to see , to heal , to clear your noises from the deep , believe me we are all suffer of this ugly life and we know that is create not for the unlimited beauty …
We are in a big exam man … this exam begin a huge one every year you grown … respect the natural of your mother and father witg their noises because you have not anyone will care like them , believe me …
i see that you are someone who is usual worry and afraid , afraid even from himself but you ahve not …
TAke it easy , i know that i don’t know anything about you and how are you ???
but if i don’t care , i will reply … right ?! (think more people please about your vision and take it easy peace by peace and we are with you … ?! )
There are always hope …
stay strong
you can
don’t wait for happiness , act it …


@Levonad It’s ok to express yourself. But don’t deny reality please.
The reality is you absolutely have shots against your problems. Yet you are willingly not taking your shots.
Accept that. Then set your intention to fix the problems.