I understand why I feel so bad

The worst part of life that it’s not fucking fare. Everything that’s going on in my life is me, a realization of genetical variety code made by two other people. I don’t know who created this universe. But it’s not fair that things like technologies changed with enormous speed and that I am a part of a generation that is not made to live this lifestyle. We are programmed to sit in the wild nature, but my parents are closing me in the same small building my entire life. We are programmed to make babies when we see a woman, but we can see 1000 naked woman a day. We are programmed to hunt for a food, but I eat calorial food every day without hunting. It’s like washing an iron in a washing machine, like boiling oil in a kettle, like filling some water into a car instead of fuel. They will be destroyed after some time. That’s what I’m feeling every day. I feel destroyed. A lot of species of animal get eliminated because of bad environment. Same can be for us. Our desire to multiply ourselves is very high. But the place is not infinite. I feel like nothing important. I feel like I’ve been created to be experimented on. And what’s the worst part, I don’t want this to go on. Neither with porn nor without.


Love fixes all these issues you’re having. Without love life can seem meaningless. Even if we were here just to experience stuff, is that bad? The world can be a beautiful place. It can also be a ugly place, but it’s how you look at it. Do you focus on the bad or the good? If it’s the bad, why? I’ll tell you with certainty that pmo makes you focus more on the bad, at least in my experience. I was on my 37th day 2 days ago, feeling amazing. Seeing beauty in everything, then I relapsed and started having suicidal thoughts. Everything seemed wrong, I felt helpless. Now I’m on my 2nd day of abstinence and feel way better than right after I relapsed. Pmo can literally change your brain, know this. Know that this thing is actually making you into something you don’t want to be. Don’t let this addiction win man, God bless you.


The addiction won me 3 years ago. I am what is left after the addiction.


Dude I was addicted to this shit for 4 years…
I am recovering.
I have seen people addicted for 20 years and still recovered . Don’t worry there is always hope.


My life is not worth it. Maybe yours and someone else’s but not mine. I’m sure I won’t survive long. I won’t have copies of myself. And I won’t enjoy the days I live. Even if an angel get down and tell me that I can choose to enjoy life from now on, I won’t.


Do you not see the delusion you choose to live in? If everything could be better, if you could actually live a happy beautiful life with a partner you love and they love you back. Even create a family of your own, live each day knowing that they need you and you need them. This is beautiful. You’re telling me you don’t want that even slightly? And if you’re telling me that I could almost gaurantee you that pmo addiction is causing this. Like I told you before in PM’s I also was into the vilest of things. At that time in my life I didn’t want anything aswell. But now things are better, I’m not fully recovered but I’m glad I didn’t quit. And I’d be very glad if you didn’t either. Nonetheless, it is your choice whatever you do.


Sounds extremely unpleasant

Actually what happened?

Ahh, self pity. One of the ugliest pit of PMO.

This community here has a lot of people who are willing to care about you, your feelings. They will always try to comfort you, motivate you with tender words.
In a way I also care, that is why I am writing this comment to say, that in your current state, you don’t deserve any tender words. You deserve a smack in the face.
When will you stop pitying yourself? It is the most pointless, useless thing you can do in the world. Stop it!

Your life is not important, worthless? Who’s responsibility it is to change it? What did you do to have a worthy, valuable life?
I was there too and that is why I say, there is no place to tender words here. You shouldn’t be comforted in the state you are. You should be smacked to the ground completely, to realize that it is only you, who can stand up from there. It should have been done to me at that time too.
Noone else will change your life for you. That is the truth.

Again, is your life not important? Life is life. It has it’s own worth and you can add your own value to your own life. I wish you to realize that in every breath you take you have the power, to change yourself and your life.


I don’t involve myself in these conversations but aren’t you the one who just said two months ago that you gonna die? And returned home saying that your friend was writing this all. That play was terrible dude .
This is not a place for all this bullshit . Stop this otherwise I m gonna report you .
If you can’t fight then go to doctor don’t crave for sympathy here. Understood.


@Levonad I just read your main post.

When you have a lot on ur shoulder what you do is that you lighten that burden.

Right now, don’t think about what is happening with us humans and the enviroment we live in. The existence etc.

Narrow the focus on yourself.

Brother, right now you work on fixing yourself first. Then you can think about the world etc.

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Man this is some bad shit if you keep telling your self this shit that life is worth less that will get into your head and you will land up no where but porn. This happened to me too. I also think like this but than I realised that no one is going to help you it is your life you need to work on it every single day. To improve that’s the only path to live a life. Some times it will be bad, sad then happy that is what life is all about. You can truly sense happiness when some days you feel sad. In the end these are emotions they will come and go don’t run from them feel it and start telling yourself that you are better than this and can do better




I think you have 2 problems on your hand. deperession and PMO. You have to work on both.


All and all, You are having self-defeating attitude tbh.


Sorry levonad

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Listen bro, thing is simple harmony with self, body and society is necessary.
Human evolved time to time and also it is necessary. your comment on evolution is totally irrelevant.
If you are really suciadal or stressed out then change your habbit. If not strong enough to change alone then tell you closest person your truth and ask their help. Genuine relative will never say no …
Go outside, switch off the phone, put a poster on wall for strong motivation , watch your parents hard work for you. Don’t be emotionless rise above it.
Maintain diary here or join a group .
Many things are there if you are genuine.hope to see you growing and finally don’t try to get sympathy for covering your shame.


All your saying is bullshit bro, stop letting everything get to your head stop being weak.
What’s been happening to you what has happened that’s so bad to the point where suicide became tempting



If you think life is unfair
Then read this