I understand why I fall back

I have found that they are semi-conscious relapses.

Being that I have a real and beautiful romantic relationship for the first time, I have found that years of this practice have meant that my fidelity was greatly compromised.
Being that I have deleted all the phone book of “girl escapades”, instagram, facebook, all the dating sites, to defend our relationship I have decided to satisfy these impulses with the fap rather than risk cheating on my woman.
Because I am not yet able to resist the temptations of adultery without “discharging” my energy.
I also found that despite my fapping, my feelings for her are not affected at all, which means that there is something beautiful and far superior between me about her.
The next step will be being able to be faithful by applying nofap as well.

Masturbation has also worn us out on this point of view, which is why masturbation also violates the sixth commandment, because it is at the root of adultery. Masturbation has “taught” us to be unfaithful. :pensive:

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