I think I need a little help

I’m struggling too much now. The tasks I take to do are way harder then I thought, but those are the tasks that will lead me to success.
I complete the tasks, but after that I’m crying. Crying for how hard those were. Sometimes doubting that I won’t handle the next one, which seems to be harder.
My father was thinking I’m an addict of drugs. He won’t let me leave home for a long time. And now I also don’t have money. Even to go somewhere with my friend, because I won’t pay for coffee or for a bus.
I don’t have classes or work. The classes are online and nobody’s coming.
I live in a country where there’s no government and which is near to disappear. And I hardly know where to go.
Yes these are external minor problems. But I feel so weak that they seem like killing me. Some wrong thing are in my routine and they are fading too slow. I’m admitting, I can’t handle alone.


Brother, We all have some problems in our life, But your problems seems big to me.
But Brother, This is how life works, You have to struggle a lot, You need to do the things which seems harder to you. I can’t imagine the situation you are in but I can assure you one thing, Good days will come, this too shall pass. You will come out stronger and better.

You know, there is a rule of this world survival of the fittest. You need to become strong, You need to find ways you can fix your life. Nobody can brother, You have the internet in hand. You have to make use of the resources around you. Stay strong brother. You are not alone, there are a lot of people, going through hard times which are even worse than you. Pick yourself back up. And stop saying things are hard. You are strong, And You can do whatever you want, Just you have to decide brother. Have faith, never stop learning, Make use of the resources, Youtube there is a lot of things which are hard to find but can change your life.

I don’t know your situation brother, What you are going through. How you are struggling. But I know one thing, If you have the attitude to keep learning, implementing, getting things done and using the resource around you then You will be unstoppable. It will be hard in the start too. But you need to do the work or your situation might become worse. It’s not hard brother and make your mind believe you can do it, You need to figure out the best possible way to do that work.

All I can say is You are Strong Human, And Humans have one amazing superpower that is they can make their own choices. Make the choices you won’t regret later. Get thing done.

Good Luck bro, Keep Moving Forward

Stay Strong, This too shall pass, and You are the in-charge you can bring the change. The only way to win in this world is to Fight.

Fight Fight. :fire:


I can understand you position!
But you know na, only the heat and pressure makes a diamond! Otherwise it’s just coal! So in a situation like yours, it seems that you are constantly endeavouring and swimming to the opposite side of the current! It is difficult. But! This will make you tough brother! Just make your schedule and fill it out with so much activities and goals and make sure there is no gap left or spare time! You fill your schedule fully with goals, books, hobbies, meditation, spirituality, excercise, sports! And do socialize! This app really helped me and many others! If you have friends, cousins, brother sisters, like with you or available, you can hang out with them! Just keep in mind to not get anything related to po*n in conversations and jokes! This all can surely help and @rewire_user has also given a nice advice!
Btw where r u from?


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