I Starting NoFap Challenge

Anyone Here For A companin NoFap For Lifetime Age 13-18

  • are mandatory.

Sharing code - 2df3gs *

Current streak - 4 days *
Highest streak - 7 days *
Age - 15
Gender - M
Location - IND, KERALA

Why I want a companion - *


Malayali… I am a Malyali too. Evdenna ?

Athe Malayali Calicut bro evdna Introduce

Njn Kochi , but calicut aanu born cheytath ( Thondayad ) , Nee calicut evdeya ?

Koduvally ann bro entha plan

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Valya plan onnum illa. 10th aano ?

Athe athe :smiling_face_with_tear:Alla Companion partner avan ano vanne​:smiling_face_with_tear:

What language is been spoken here please.

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Its Malayalam , The language used by people in Kerala , One of the states ( units ) of India.

Bro Bro enthina ithil keriye…

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Manslayilla bro. You mean this app ?

@rayeezzzz , Now I got it. Ninak ente accountability patner aavanegil etha ente sharing code 8uwuwa.

Streak wrong aan in the app. Ente Streak somewhat 30 days I guess

I think this app not Help me for my companion can send your other personal paltform In [email protected] (I think you have some data sharing issue) Anyway Help me … I can’t wakeup from this habit

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Bro sharing code valya sambhavam onnum alla. Appil my companion option ( On bottom ) nekkumbo oru + option indd. Avide add a companion option select.

Avide sharing code chodikkum. Athil code type cheytha mathi

U can use this as referance

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