I relpase after 23 day's

Dear plz I am so sad what should I do


Get Ready for the chaser effect man. It’s a wave of urges hitting you after your relapse for 3 to 5 days.

Get ready to face it.

I suggest you to bath with cold shower.
Then pray to God for half n hour.
Meditate + Binaural Beats (or you can do this with prayer also)
Do some exercise.
Listen to positive Melodies.
Be busy - go out socialise.

Do this daily.

If you get out of this wave you can continue your streak easily.


You did great this time bro! 23 days is wonderful :slight_smile:

But now its time you start with better intent! This is just a temporary defeat not a permanent failure! Nofap is full of ups and downs ! You need to grow through all the ups and downs!
Keep trying , you will beat this addiction for sure :+1:


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