I relapsed_____

I relapsed…I don’t know what’s happening… It just happened… I feel terrible… Please help!.. I tried everything… What should I do?


Relapsed, feeling terrible, yeah that happens with everyone else here. You can do nothing but to forgive yourself, accept the truth that you have relapse and TRY again but this time with a few changes. If you defeat the chaser effect then you will feel great in no time!
I know how you are feeling. After a relapse i feel the same


I too relapsed. It took just a few seconds. This is very hard.


unepic. but keep trying

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Hey buddy. It does happen alot at first, but have you analysed what lead to the relapse?

Like for instance how you felt happy, sad, angry?

What was your thoughts like?

What where you doing?

Where were you when it happend?

Nude or clothed?

Did you see any images or videos that or had any flashbacks or sexual thoughts and kept on with thesd thoughts?

Are you edging? Or have edged before the relapse?

Also when the urge hit how did you react( yeah I know you react to it with a relapse), but I ment in a way like stress on how you are going to beat or calm and trying to overcome it?

I know personal questions, but it is what you have to ask yourself so you can know what lead to the circumstance so if it happens in future you can plan to avoid being in the same scenario again that led to the relapse and implement changes.

Hope this helps you and also if you wish feel free to dm me I would be glad to help with more advice and tips and you can talk openly with me aswell. Anyone is welcome to do so!

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!


Hey buddy good morning!!:om: Dont feel guilty, Do some meditation, listen to Shiva tandav stotram and do vipassana meditation. I have done it now and the energy level coming from my Manipur chakra was so high that my back and chest are paining and it transfer a lot of energy to your body.

And watch sadhguru, salil jamdar and fit tuber’s videos on nofap daily and if you feel urge kill it like lord Shiva did. If you want me to tell you that story of lord Shiva, I will surely tell you.


I listen shiva tandav stotram daily brother… Even I remember the lyrics :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I don’t felt anything it just happened
I wasn’t able to think what’s happening around me
I was sleeping and woke up the mid night
I was on my bed…in my room
Nope… Not at all
Yeah…but I did it unconsciously (edging)
I do not relapse easily when I’m awake…I have control over the urges… but I wasn’t aware what was happening that night… No urges… … No sexual thoughts… It just happened

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Oh, okay I understand a little better now in the situation. It was like you were “sleep fapping” fapped in your sleep and kinda woke in the middle of it… Mmm interesting as I heard of guys who have sex during sleep and not know of it. It isn’t intetional, but it is possible as sometimes a person act out their dreams while sleeping.

Like also sleep walking some strange things happen to them to like they could make a sandwich in their sleep and eat and then go to bed. My one friend told me about his sleep walking experience like this by making coffee in his sleep and he knows about it as his dad made a video of him doing it.

This is a bummer man, don’t know what to say to you to maybe beat this one other than to bind your hands to the bed maybe​:joy::see_no_evil:.

I know this could be very uncomfortable but might be worth a try to sleep maybe with a pair of pants which you could buckle a belt in as it could make it difficult for your hands to get in there and prevent the unconscious edging. Or sleep with a ski-pant might also help since it is a bit tighter to the body too and might prevent this from happening.

The otherthing you could do is to sleep with something in your hands that’s soft. An extra pillow perhaps or you could use stress balls or a teddy bear aswell that might occupy your hands in bed whilst sleeping.

If it is a something long like a pillow you could also hold it in between your legs so it covers your crotch to also avoid touching your member.

Also this could also help if you occupy your thoughts completly on something other than usual before bed like solving a rubiks cube or Sudoku is also a great option. You can also pray or meditate to calm yourself before you go to sleep. This way you could avoid your head going into a sex dream.

Well, yeah sometimes I forgot to mention this, but sometimes it could also happen in a way it is automatic. Like you maybe go to bed and you fap everytime before you go to sleep and this is a routine so it just happens. Some of the ideas mentioned like occupying hands and thoughts can brake the chain of doing it.

Try some of the ideas maybe something is bound to work for you to avoid this from happening again. Hopefully could also give more options with this to beat this and also that you can solve this problem! How long was your streak? You could also apply these ideas a weak prior in reaching it again and continue till the latest a day or two passing that day count.

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!

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