I relapsed last night at day 43 of my streak

I relapsed last night at day 43 of my streak it was my first and longest streak here… First it didn’t felt that bad, I thought I will just continue it’s just a bad day of my life but now I started to notice I am different than that when I was on streak I am kind of running from myself, afraid of myself. I almost forgot these feelings, it was nice 40+ days of my life I will achieve more… Today is my first day of second streak I will continue this awesome journey once again.

I know it is horrible to relapse, but hey i wasn’t expecting to get rid of the horrible habit in one. Go either… I have been porn addict from very childhood such long time effects brain in deeper way, of course it will take some time but I will be clean of this junk…

New day new beginning! Wish me luck.

Hope this time it is easier as it was on first or more…

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Tonight if urges come and just remember this confession & the tragedy attached with the relapse. Good Luck brother.


Congratulations on this first very good streak!

I did the same. My first streak was 39 days long. I can understand what you feel and how you could think.


33* mine…Not yet relapsed. There is always a firm line between diverting mind…I dun trust on me.Now it’s 12:08am. I ll go to sleep. Thanks for your post :blush:

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It is a very good starting point. Never underestimate the power of a streak. It builds up our confidence that we can do it again with a better score.
Just keep developing the coping mechanism more and more effective each day, with every urge.

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yah i also relapsed on my 7th day streak but now i will be more stronger and will reach 90+ Inshaalllah.

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Get the right mindset brother. Don’t use willpower. It’s not horrible to relapse. It’s horrible to blam yourself and not continue.

If you can do it for 1 day, you can do it for lifetime.

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So Since I relapsed I have hard time controlling myself, I watched nude tiktoks one day, explicit Web series on another day but stopped it immediately realising I am doing wrong thing. Haven’t fapped though, but resisting to porn or explicit content had been really difficult after relapsed.

I have been reading threads and messages that almost everyone after relapsing once fap many times until they hit the bottom again and frustration get them back to nofap! I want to be better than that! I don’t want to fap again not before January 20, yeah that’s my birthday. But for that I need to control porn as well! Today out of frustration on something I had strong urges to watch porn I even opend YouTube aap played a nude video but stopped it after few seconds… Next time I want to stop myself before playing the video… Or even opening the app…

I had enjoyed those 40+ clean days of my streak no precum no pron no regret of anything… I will get back there soon! Just need to try harder for few days, it’s already a week passed!