I relapsed, It makes me more than sad

I have just relapsed, and it is not that big deal I am just going to try one more time but this time after fapping to some sh*t I released that I am sitting in a dark room, my school work is on a table behind me which has to be finished by today and there is a novel on my bed that I am supposed to be reading right now, I am learning Japanese and I am procrastinating studying it.
SO, that’s just how porn separates me from my activities and from my life, making me like an animal sitting on a chair looking at some folk fucking each other.
don’t relapse guys porn is still evil and it will remain evil.

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Change your environment. Get apps or blockers, invest in a flip phone, but dont give up. There is ALWAYS a way to rid yourself of PMO.

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Think of this, [email protected]÷n exists because we allow it to so you can chose to rid it of its potential powers over you. Much like FEAR, its not real danger on the other hand is.

Example; You could chose to cheat on your spouse and potentially destroy your entire family(same goes for the opposite side of the coin.That is FEAR it my never happen so why worry?

Or you may have to drive through a shady part of town to get to work ad a police officer. While you enjoy the career the Difference is the possibility of getting shot maybe high. However if you prepare for the possibility of it happening you mastered your FEAR under real danger.

I hope that was as clear as possible on the distinctions between FEAR and DANGER.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you.

Repent, and ask grace from Jesus, let’s start again holy life

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Increase prayer life, read Bible daily

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