I relapsed, help

I relapsed 12.45 am. Its hard for me, i relapsed again n again. Need some advice. Really helped me.


you can do it. Another 20 days. Things will be easy. Please let me know how can i help? i am also in the same situation i.e in the chaser effects. Please stay strong.

First move out of your comfort zone where you can easily watch porn and masturbate, drink more water your body will be dehydrated after a relapse find your trigger and counter it exercise, meditate, cold shower, read books and get some sunlight. Start nofap right now. Donโ€™t think i have relapsed already so i can relapse again and start a new journey from tomorrow that wonโ€™t work it will cause chaser effect, the chaser effect may last months.

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Find the triggers and eliminate it, dont be alone or in a place where you can watch pornographic content and masturbate. Your body will be dehydrated after a relapse, drink more water. Write down your feelings after a relapse.


thank you brother. :slightly_smiling_face:

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