I relapsed and I hate it

I feel really bad, sad, heartbroken and angry.
But I’m gonna fight this urge​:fist::fist::pray:


Don’t worry, the winners aren’t those who never fail, the winners are those who never give up.
We are here to help and support you
You are more stronger than you think, you already decided to quit this addiction, and that is the hardest step

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“You can do whatever you set your mind to man”
the fact that you are here means you already have all the motivation you need. You know what to do, be wary of spilling your seed. Boys who spend each night playing with their parts become weak, obsessed with the needs of their body. Keep your hands away and treat desire as any other weakness. Abstinence will make you strong. You will have wives and mistresses in time.


I think that almost everyone who was able to overcome this addiction, has relapsed. Our plans will never be perfect because we can’t control the external circumstances. However, we should never give up, winning this war requires persistence. I have passed in these situations many times, you will hate yourself, but you should always remind yourself that you’re very strong, you are fighting one of the most tough addictions alone. You started this journey because you want to become a better person and this relapse won’t get you back to point zero because you already have crossed 99 steps and all you need is that last step. Take advantage of this relapse to optimize your plan so you don’t do it again and always stay strong.

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Understand how triggers kick your brain.Start removing them.
If you master each and every trigger by overcoming it, one month of no fap is easy

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Remember HALT when it comes to triggers. They are some of the most common times when you will be at your weakest.

Hungry - stop what you’re doing and grab a snack (preferrably fruit or some other healthy snack)

Angry - Sit back and take deep breaths, count to 10, or practice some meditation

Lonely - Get in touch with someone. Friends, this group, or someone you haven’t talked to in awhile

Tired - Try to get plenty of sleep each night. Preferably going to bed early, as temptations are more prevalent at night, I believe

Hope this helps. When you fall down, pull yourself back up, dust off, and keep moving forward. If the journey was easy, none of us would be here