I relapsed again after 4 days

I think the mind always wants dopamine after some time and then it gets hard to control the urge. I am not sad that i relapsed but I know what my weakness is , so from today’s onward I need dopamine but from other source not from PMO.
And I Don’t masturbate cause I have surrendered myself to the higher consciousness. I love nature and every girl on this earth is my sister except my GF/Wife.
I have my best 97 days streak this year but it’s hard to get there again but i am gonna achieve more than that now. let’s see how my NOFap journey goes.

Any opinion?


Its good that this didn’t kill your spirit. Take this relapse as a learning tool. Evaluate why you want to masterbate and what you were doing before the urges took over.


I also relapsed after 4 and a half day, I feel you bro.

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You’re doing better than me. Once I reach 2 days i relapse. I haven’t improved since I began this addiction 3.5 years ago.

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