I prayed, and this is what happened... (Christian post)


Some of you may be aware that my girlfriend and I have had trouble controlling ourselves on the cam… A lot of that is because our pasts have left us destitute and we found in each other someone who truly, unconditionally loved the other. We had botboth agreed to save sex till marriage. It didn’t go so well on the camera… We had prayed that God would help us and after trying so much to overcome on our own we surrendered it. I had told the Lord, “Help us overcome please… Even if that means we cannot talk today…” because I was feeling WAAAAY horny.

She was so busy today that all she could do was message me. We may call later, and I am posting this here for accountability. We will not cam sex today. I will come back here to tell you we’ve been successful.


I admire that you both want to abstain from sexual activities bro!

But I have to say please lighten up :pray:

I’m not saying give in, or anything of the sort,
but look into how the Romans lived; religious sex orgies, pedastry, justice by sodomising, infanticide etcetera!

Be thankful we don’t live in those times, and that Christ came to teach us Love, self sacrifice and compassion!

Keep praying, especially for grand things!

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Forget Cam sex & GET A LIFE MAN :apple:

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@Resurrection :joy::joy::joy::+1::+1::+1: Spot on! You said it!

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Be an awesome dude, dude!
She might need you more than you realise!

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Welp, I sucked Dx

Back to day 0… Not good.


I don’t get it! We don’t want to do it but we keep doing it and we feel empty again afterwards… It’s like we didn’t learn the first time that it’s completely unfulfilling unless her and I are married and in the marriage bed together.

We want to quit, but boy it sure does get hard when the hormones start to rush in both of us.

She needed to take a shower, and then… It was over :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: i was already feeling the urge before I even spoke to her today. Now we’re feeling empty again.

We did manage to go five days. So that’s a plus :slight_smile:

I do want to marry this woman… we are meeting in December, I will be going to her country and eventually she will come to mine.

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I relate to you… But as long as you know that is not right and are trying with you whole heart to not do it… Then His love for you won’t change a bit. Just a thing: Jesus does not call us to fight lust, cause we are weak and we will probably lose the battle…(I speak from experience). He call us to flee it, so be careful with what you do/say… If you’re going to make a video call with her, leave the door open (honestly I have no idea if you live alone or not) or dont call her at nights when you know it’s risky… Talk to her about this, and let God guide you both trough this… When we are tempted, God also provides a way out so we can escape, if we really want to… So yeah, pray a whole lot, tell Him about your steuggles and he will help you… Tell him that you have simned and that you are sorry… I know it may feel like you’re not worthy… I’ve been there… But my boyfriend ones told me: Have we ever been worth it? I dont think so… And praying will fulfill you and give you the strenght to fight even harder… Your Father loves you, he wont step on you when you are lying down, He will give you a hand so you can stand up and follow Him… The best of lucks buddy, I’m proud of you for being willing too fight this battle. And trust your girlfriend… tell her how you feel, tell her if you dont feel capable of talking to her today cause you’re feeling horny… She will understand and she will appreciate a lot, trust me :wink:


Thank you!
It’s time to overcome this monster once and for all!

Once we get immigration worked out, and she comes here, and I marry her, we can have all the sex we want for all the time we want!! But until then… It’s going to be so hard to resist!


The Best thing in world is Realizing your mistakes & correct them in future


I’m sorry to butt-in, giving advise if it’s not needed.
I have to say, that thought of having loads of sex for all the time you want might actually make this journey more difficult for you.

Sex will naturally arise. You don’t need to think about it. There is so much more in life to think about and work towards.

Dogma isn’t some rule God is punishing us with, but something that brings us to holiness

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Your encouragement and advice is appreciated!