I need your opinions please

Hey fellow warriors, please read this and answer me
Day 10
So I just woke up from a nightmare, I dreamed that I had relapsed, I remember clearly what I saw, I wonder if it is my mind trying to make me relapse or anything, I kind of remember the porn scenes I watched in my dream, I woke up with an erection but did I did not ejaculate,I remember watching in on youtube in my dream, on my phone…
I remember feeling very depressed, thinking about how I am gonna press the relapse button, I even heard a voice tell me “you could have stopped even when you saw p**n but you didn’t”
I don’t wanna go back to square one, I fought so hard till now, I am doing the hard mode challenger right now.
What the hell was that !!??
Should I count it a relapse ?


I have similiar experience last night… read my latest talk in my Diary.

You can only relapse if you watch erotica or jerk that cock while awake.


Ok , thanks, I’ll read it.

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No, it’s not a relapse at all!
I’ve experienced similar dreams, more than once.
It is our subconscious mind always running the show behind the scenes.

Don’t dwell on it too much, but keep grounded in reality and the truth.


This is more common than you think. I too had the exact same dream around day 12. This happens as our mind wants to feel the dopamine rush again. But our mind is conditioned by Dopamine. Don’t listen to it. Don’t act on your urges. It will pass with time. No matter what happens, don’t fap. These dreams will disappear around day 30. Keep going @Warriors_Journey


I see thanks for your response

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Oh that explains it, I will do my best, thank you for answering me.

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I had a dream like that on January 1st - real scary! But no, it’s definitely not a relapse. For me, I took it as a sign to be extra vigilant against relapsing.

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I didn’t have a dream but a real brush with erotica and sexual movies that aren’t porn. I was extremely aroused but I didn’t touch myself. I just let it go. Does that count as a relapse?

Did you watched it intentionally? If not, then it’s not a relapse as it is not your fault. This world is filled with pornography, these things happen sometimes. The main idea not to react in these situations.


This was the kind of traps you’re gonna face all along the way, be aware and good luck! :wink:

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Good point was made.Provocative images are all over the place.As my main concern is about time management I only count it as a relapse if I lose time searching for sexual content.I’ m not going to beat myself up for seeing what ever I happen to see during my day to day life.I get some very sexual videos recommendations on YouTube but I just don’t open them.