I need your opinion - is this a relapse?

Hi everyone,
So I had sexual intimacy for real for the first time with my girlfriend today, and I ejaculated. It was really a wonderful experience, we were cool, no pressure, loving and caring and juat enjoying each other. I did not feel any classic depressive feelings after orgasm, or even brain fog or such. I pretty much feel like I haven’t released at all. As a matter of fact, M now feels meaningless as it is so bad compared to what I just experienced, so I don’t even feel the urges to relapse anymore, or I destroy them easily.
Is this considered a relapse then?


Not in the slightest, what we’re trying to do is to cut off masturbation (at least, the addiction to it) so unless you’re trying celibate or something like that, it doesn’t count as a relapse


Its not a relapse bro…

Brother there are different modes in NOFAP journey.

Depending on your goal i can tell wheather its a relapse or not.

1.) Soft Mode --> (No Porn) --> In this only thing you need to take is you should not watch porn.

2.) Normal Mode --> NO Porn No Masturbation

3.) Hard Mode --> No Porn Masturbation Orgasm

4.) Brahmacharya --> No Sexual Thoughts even.

The benefits do increase as we go up in order. Soft Mode has no benefits at all. Normal Mode take much time to rewire your brain. Best is brahmacharya but its the toughest. So if you just wanna get rid of Porn Masturbation Addiction then its not a relapse.

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Ye relapse nhi lekin fir v tumhe apni maqsaad par date rehena hai,never give up.

That depends on the mode you are going, like Mahesh said.

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Its not a relapse. But it depends on your current streak. Some speakers say keep out of sex when you are making it to the first 90 days. I heard it from Mark Queppet(universal man-youtube)