I need your help!

I need your help.I am training for military pilot and maybe an astronaut.I studied hard and stopped using phone or computer .I did high streaks.But today summer vacation started and I have nothing to do.I feel lazy and I can’t train, study or read a book. Without the school, I feel empty. I need some advices of what to do during the summer vacation. P. S. I don’t want some advices about girlfriends.Fulfilling my dream is more important for me than getting a girl.

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You answered your question

‘Fulfilling your dream is more important than relationships with girls’
Occupy yourself with something or even better try and learn how to meditate be still for a moment as pilot you know you need to be clear minded.

@anon22625872 You said you can’t train, study or read a book!
I suppose that’s because you don’t feel the urge to do so, due to the absence of schooldays you say. Would you not improve yourself if there’s nobody to watch over you and allow you destiny to walk away from you. That’s your fu**ing DREAM , buddy. REMEMBER THAT!
Do whatever you love,whatever intrests you. Try learning some new concepts, socialising, cycling, going for a walk, etc.
To overcome PMO, think about the momentary happiness you get as a few milligrams of dopamine (hormone) which your subconscious mind gives you because it thinks that you’ve reproduced.
Ask yourself if a few ‘milligrams’ of fake happiness is worth your dream and your life?
I can guarantee you that your inner self is never
gonna nod to that question! Just keep up the spirit and in no time you’ll meet your ideal self,my friend.

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Does your circumstances allow you to you cut off your life from internet? Thats what I do at the moment. Just coming for most important things. Like this app. I blocked all apps that use internet. The password I gave to my AP. Now my life is totally real. I feel like my mind just shifted its focus and adaptation. Before, my social skills is awkwardly awful. Now I know why. I dont think PMO except when waking up which is mostly subconscious control. Still need to work on that. But everyday life I dont have urge even if i got urges I would only think how to realise that. As if i never knew P. Because right now its not a choice. Its not one of the options. So beautiful life right now


I want to ask another thing! How did you succeeded in Nofap?I feel like I will never do it.Even if I withstand the urges, wet dreams come and all starts again.All that struggle with addiction seems endless.I am doing Nofap because of the harms PMO has done to me.I am doing because of my shyness and unwillingness to speak with people, especially girls and most importantly, it don’t give me the possibility to be free person. But even if I do Nofap,I don’t get better.I have become rude to girls and I am not self improving.I am thinking how I will become better over time, but I do nothing.I don’t think that my mind will heal.It doesn’t forget dirty thoughts and they chase me everyday.And when I look P, it gets worse.My only support is my faith in God.You.would say to replace my bad habit with other that is good.But I don’t think it would help.I don’t know how to relieve stress. Some smoke,other do drugs, we do PMO and so on.One of my friends stopped self-satisficating himself and started playing chess.But now he does it for 8 hours or more on day.He even plays it on phone in school.I don’t see way to become free.I need to know if you could be free from an addiction.Thanks in advance for the help!

Will anyone give me advice, please?

Man I see where you’re coming from. Change and improvement can take time. And the leap from desiring it to doing it is a big one. I’ve spend years in self-help now and I know your struggle all too well. It can be overwhelming when you see in yourself only more and more stuff you need to fix.
I’m giving you the simplest formula for changing and improving. I really hope you don’t take it lightly because I truly believe you can change your life.
First you’ll need a goal. Just two things about it.
First don’t be modest about it. Set as a goal what you really fucking want. Don’t question it. What’s your true desire.
Second identify who you’ll need to be to achieve that goal. Are there people who have achieved it? How do you imagine the person who has achieved it? What is their mindset? What is their way of looking at the world? What means pleasure for them and what means pain? What’s their self talk?
Then you need to decide if you want it bad enough to let go of your perception of the world to adopt this new one. How much do you want it? If you do hammer those thoughts into your mind and let go of the old. Your weapons will be your focus and your persistency. Give non to not wanted thoughts, give all to desired ones.
Research what can help you on your way to your goal. Skills, knowledge, techniques YouTube is a blessing.
The last thing is to identify the habits of the person you want to be. Start small and easy but chose something you do every single day no matter what. Don’t try to adopt all habits simultaneously.(on how to make a habit you defiantly should check out The power of habit and Stick with it).
Work on having the thoughts of the person you want to be and having the actions of the person you want to be and I promise you will have the results of the person you want to be. Master and use your focus.
I took me a long time to learn all of this. It has changed my life. I believe you, with all your desire can change yours as well. I pray for you.
P.S. Check out Elliott Hulse on YouTube.

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wet dreams dont count unless you are trying to induce them

Find something you enjoy, or go for a walk call and chat for someone. in case of relapse what you need to focus on is setting slowly growing minums between faps. If you can take a nap

If you consider yourself as successful in life, could you give me example with your way of living?

@anon22625872 thanks for sharing openly. I’m with you in not believing that I’m going to get better. We look at your thoughts and we can relate to them. If you believe in God then trust God will show you how to improve.

I’m not going to measure if I’ve made progress by weeks at a time but rather comparing months at a time.

Find the Ultimate Reason why you live. Look then if PMO fits into that paradigm. or Nofap. there’s no third choice.

Personally I have my reasons. And PMO is sucking my life. I believe it sucks for you too. And nobody is missing anything if they dont do PMO. Yet their life is theirs not their dicks.

And sex is not everything. Look that Ultimate Reason. Are you go to say it is PMO? Think again

Make up your mind. There is a difference btw P and real sex/real girls. Leave PMO behind you like you never knew it. The latter is your life. Your rudeness with the ladies cause you’re still confused. You try to put a wall btw you and any cues. Its understandable. But try to learn those are humans that are lovely but P is radically reduced to pervert fetishes (not just sex, which is natural)

Maybe you are right about we still need self improvement with Nofap. But to reconsider PMO is a grave mistake imo

I don’t really. As I wrote I’m no stranger to constantly find things in my life that need change. I’m just a 22 year old college student on the way of improvement. I’ve spend last couple of years trying to figure out how to be happy and successful. That’s what interests me. Being happy and successful and helping as many people as I can do the same. I’m still struggling with tons of stuff. I’m on my 23rd day of Nofap so I have a long way to go here as well. But lately I can feel growth. It’s not immediate but it’s a steady one. So I feel I’m on the right path. I still have shitty days but I’m gradually taking control of my life and steering it the way I want to. What I wrote above I’m no master of. I’m still in the process of developing it. But I’ve learned from people much more successful than myself that this is the way. It took me a long time to find it. Now all I do is persist and build.

Nofap resembles me to the fight of Anthony the Great with his temptations.If there he has succeeded, we can also do it!Everyone can become successful if he tries and never forgets why he is fighting.For me,my goal in life is to be one of the few people that are going to go to Mars.First I am going to defeat the addiction and train to become a military pilot.Then I will study and train even more.My dream of conquering Mars is more important than everything on that world.My laziness and my addiction mind are the only things that limit me.With Gods help,I will succeed!Forward and up!


u said u feel lazy and that’s a huge problem, run& work out and push yourself through work don’t say i am tired that’s enough today get more tired and gain muscles ,if u get urges go for a solo picnic, have a cup of coffee, watch people living there lifes challenge yourself talking to some of them .and maybe u can do any thing that occupy your thoughts that when u r done u will not remember u had urges, go for it u can do it :muscle:
if u wanna know i have lost a lot of valuable thing because of my addiction ,don’t lose more.

И живея в Студентски между другото, някой път трябва да изпием някоя бира, май ще имаме интересни неща, за които да си говорим :Д

You can try new things… I started to practice power breath, you can see more of it searching for Win Hof method. You’ll fell amazing