I need your help, so tell me your story

Hi guys, how are you?

I’m from Mexico City, sorry if my English is not very good, I’m using Google translate, this is my story.

2 years ago approx. Started my journey, achieved a streak of 586 days of total abstinence after 9 years of addiction.

Anyway, it was very difficult but I felt at peace, however from November 26, 2021 until today I have had a series of constant relapses, this month in particular I fell very low.

If I post this it is because I want to remember what motivated me that day (before my longest streak) to leave the world of porn:

What motivated you to change your course?

What went through your head when you decided to say NO MORE PMO?

And who have long streaks, what helps them every day?

I would appreciate it if you could answer in Spanish if you are Spanish-speaking, if not there is no problem, I wrote it here because there is very little activity in the Spanish forum.

P.S: Sorry for non’t answer soon, the internet is not very good where I live.

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Sorry it’s not in Spanish, because I’m from Moldova and I also use Google translator. Today is day 175 of my nofap. At first it was difficult for me and I was haunted by thoughts and fantasies. Prior to this series, I had 5 months of desperate attempts to abstinence, but always ended in a relapse. Those 5 months paid off as it was after these setbacks that I started my longest streak. What motivated me to PMO? I have porn-induced erectile dysfunction. In simple words, I do not have a member. I didn’t even stand for regular porn and looked for more sophisticated videos. When I realized that I am not turned on by ordinary girls and even porn does not turn me on, I seriously thought about it. And I stopped watching porn and jerking off. I’m at home, but I started reading books, I’m looking for different information about porn addiction and abstinence. Every time I watch this, I understand that I am on the right track and PMO will only make me better. It helps me stay on track.

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