I need your advise

Hey guys… Question, I was with a girl and we were only kissing nothing else byt I jad a big boner and after she left I had a lot of precum, is this a relapse? These 60 days I didn’t even looked at my penis, but I’m afraid that this is considered a relapse. From the other perspective It’s better because I have to link better to the real thing? I don’t know… Help guys


Definitely NOT a relapse in my opinion. That’s just a natural response from the body beyond your control.


Not relapse, it is the goal to meet people and socialize. Even if you ejaculate during sex with real girl it isnt relapse. You do not watch porn, you do not masturbate on your own. Everything is great.


I just don’t want to go on a flatline again…

Hey Buddy,
In my was of looking and understanding what has happened with you, I feel it was natural and for the number of days that you controlled yourself was just the maximum potential you could reach and achieve, it was meant to happen that way and you kissed ( adam and eve :deciduous_tree::apple::innocent:).
So don’t feel sad, now if you look at it the other angle of it, then it is like the thought, only due to the thought you first off all socialized with the :dancer: girl, and then it ended up with some sort of intense force (maybe sort of lust, maybe) and then you touched her and kissed. But the cause of all this was the thought, and what has it left you with is just a little drop in your confidence that you had a precum and it ended up in a relapse, maybe by now you would have ejaculated too., ( if not then great…keep the string going on).

So do not feel sad, that you relapsed. This may have taught you something if not everything, but has added to your strength and you will rise even stronger the next time, so party less and be mindfull more. And even if you party, don’t allow the boner to party too :laughing:.

Stay blessed and start afresh and you are a superstar soon :star2::fire:


Thank you for your kind words. didn’t masturbated and I won’t sir, I keeo it hardcore, that’s why I just kissed and didn’t do anything else. I wouldn’t consider it a relapse but I wanted someone to talk to


Sure, all the very best and keep up the good work my friend ! :pray:


It’s not a relapse, and it’s natural if you haven’t been with a girl for a long time. Just make sure no PMO

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