I need to tell her

Hello my friends.

Today I am going to tell my long-term girlfriend that I am a porn addict (11 years+). Over the past years I had several cases of PIED with her (which lead to awkward situations and basically is destroying our relationship). I think it is the best to just come out straight with the truth to her and tell her everything - I do not see another way to make piece with life. I’m also going to tell her that I am on therapy now and I intent to never PMO again in my life.

Wish me luck.


You intend to never pm not pmo o is for orgasm mate hahaha

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That’s brave of you, brother. And of course it is the right thing to do. I wish you all the best in your endeavours.

Bro why don’t you just do the therapy before you tell her first

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I told my girlfriend too. About 4 weeks ago.
There are some important things.

It is really hard for a girlfriend to realize that it has nothing to do with her. Show her how and when it started. Do all you can to show her that she is not the problem!

Show her your plan to quit.
Just telling that you will stop is okay. But it makes it easier for her if she sees that you spend a lot of time figuring out a way out of this mess.

Make clear that recovery doesn’t come from in one day. You will have relapses.

Continue talking about it to her after you told her. It’s not a topic you can tell her once and then leave it be. Don’t force a discussion but take care that she isn’t alone with what you told her.

Over all, it was one of the best decisions to tell my girl. It takes away the shame of porn and you are finally not alone with your problem anymore. But I also heard of people where it didn’t go that well.