I need some help

I’m bisexual and this really good looking guy was turning me on at work like I was getting these really strong urges when I got around him and I know he saw me staring at him and I was trying to control myself by getting away from him and trying to mediate and it worked but the moment I got back around him I was like charged up and ready to go.i got from around him took a breather and I noticed some discharge down below.i didn’t mean to ejaculate but it happened.does that count as a relapse when I didn’t mean to?


No. It does not count as a relapse. Increase your exercise time. You can control yourself. Atleast 1 hr exercise per day which is 4.1 % of your day.

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When I noticed that discharge it really fucked me up.this journey is hard and lonely.i don’t tell people what I’m doing because they wouldn’t understand and laugh at me.I’ve fapping ever since elementary, middle school and high school.


It’s just a precum. This is discharged to lubricate the pathway of sperms. It does contain enzymes and lubricants along with negligible semen. So if you are on NoFap or Semen Retention then there is no Relapse. But if you are practising brahmacharya then it is a relapse.

Did I say something wrong why are you withdrawning your post?

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I started with nofap but now semen retention.

No no .you are correct. Sorry for withdrawing the message. I messaged you personally. You can see.

Dont worry its not a relapse. But take care. And i advice you to read about brahmacharya if really want semen retention. Purify your thoughts. Be spiritual. Stop the sexual urges thereonly. Give a hard try to brahmacharya. I really recommend that.

My friend tiger how are you?

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