I need some advice

So I recently relapsed and it was only 4 days that I didn’t actually do it. While I know that is an accomplishment in it over itself. I want to opinions on whether i should do this cold turkey or gradually. Like this time wait 5 days then after that do 6 etc. Any advice would be very appreciated.
Thank you


Hi @ZzXsty90
I think it’s good advise to make simple achievable goals.
The important thing, from how I see it is - we’re here to change,
And this is the basis for it ALL
We should always go back to, to remind ourselves of this.

Streaks, relapses, personal ideas - change.
But being here does not.

Depends what your motives are. Are you in this because it’s ruining your life or because you just want a bit more motivation and energy/confidence etc.? For me I’m in it because it ruins me, personally. But other people aren’t effected by it the same way. So for me I can’t condone anymore use at all. If you’re in the 2nd party maybe you could do it the way you said, one day at a time.

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Im doing this because I feel it has to much pull in my life and I feel like honestly its something i depend on way to much. Like I will be gaming or doing something productive and boom the idea will randomly pop in my head and won’t get out until it happens. I feel most people could be like “maybe later or tomorrow” but for me its like i need it then and that concept simiply bothers. However because it works that way after a few days of not doing it my mind tends to become clouded with the thoughts and while i can brush them off for the most part I feel like its not possible for me to do it cold turkey. Im going to try this method and see how it works if i end up relapsing again without any kind of improvement then i will have to do it cold turkey. So i guess i will just have to wait and see. Hoping that having a community to come to to talk about this will help me as well.

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Sounds good man, goodluck.