I need motivation to wake up early

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Hey. Waking up early is a good way to feel better through out the day. However I’d reccomend fixing one time you wake up at ( so you wake up everyday at the same time). That makes you more comfortable because waking up becomes predictable and not stressful. I also highly reccomend eating a protein or fat heavy breakfast, even if you don’t have taste. As it prepares your metabolism for the day. Hope this helps a bit. Peace!

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I think people have to focus more results

things they were looking for before

and things that will make you feel better

increase the results here is nothing to your Life.

What are the things that will get more focus, will get better results and will give a better quality of Life.

Foi need the feeling of being going in the right way but basically the feeling of being going in the right path

What make you feel better?
Are you focusing on how to be useful ??

if you keep thinking about suffering and ranting all the time thinking (also about how to resist ) if you say that your situation is very difficult… you are almost giving up.

you can not take it anymore like it’s difficult cause it Will be getting more complicated…
so watch your mind you’re staying

you’re stuck in a thought looping now you have to fix it. you get it because you’re just deciding it… if you dont want you have to do something that maje you wake up early…

In my experience, the only way to wake up early consistently without alarm is to shift the dinner time to pre-sunset.


I’ll explain why i want to wake up at 5:00 am
I’m a martial artist and the last year i woke up almost everyday this time and worked out, i felt much more powerful than now, i set the alarm and i wake up but i jusy blink and i sleep imediatly, it’s a serious problem i wanna fix.


Don’t fap and have 5-6 REM cycles sleep. To wake up at 5 am refreshed you should go to bed at 09:15 pm. The good idea would start preparing around 9 pm. Don’t watch screens if you don’t have to. Don’t eat anything after 6 pm. Drink water.


Go to bed early bro… fix your body clock


Is there any daily challenge for waking up early?
Also doing exercise everyday?
Please suggest how to create a group for having
accountability partners on them.

@nomita There are indeed such groups. There’s Positivebloke’s Early Riser Challenge for waking up early and Aoshigreen’s Mini Challenge for building habits. Check them out for accountability and sharing your experiences with others who have the same goals.