I need help right!

Everytime i jerk, my sperm colour like water and not like milk, did y’all know how to fix this?

Because of masturbating many times a week you got ‘watery semen’. This problem can be solved very easily by not masturbating for 1week.


How to control depression?

Meditation works for me to control depression.

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First of all stop masturbating.

Second, do a research about what kind of meals/drinks increases sperm count.
Want to start with a drink then drink cold milk with sugar daily
Drink coconut water, rich source of nutrients for our sperms!


Yes it’s the only one single answer meditation.i will start it daily.

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Bro I am a vegeterian since 2 years.i am taking only home food.but main trigger is depression.i think I will start meditation daily

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