I need help right now!

I have some big problems with urges, right now! I am close to my high score, but I don’t want to stop now! Please! Help me!!


Bro, just leave the place you are in right now, interact with others, call someone, or talk with your family…

Or take a deep breath, know that its not going to last long.

Think about how badly you want to be successful in this nofap and tell yourself no matter how much I crave to fap, I wont fap. You are strong bro… Believe that

Think about how far you have come, you dont want to ruin all of it, right? So keep waiting, the feeling will fade away in the matter of minutes.

Take a cold shower, it helps.

Know that, urges are just brain’s way to lure you back into all the things you hate. Think of it like a test between your heart and your head. Tell it to your head, you should listen to me, not the other way around. I dont want to fap, so test me however you want, I will not relapse.

Or pray, that works too…

Whatever happens, do not relapse, you came so far… Urges get more when you are so close to breaking free… You have to know that.


The more attention we give to the urges, the more intense it becomes