I need help, please

Hello everyone, I’m new here.
I don’t know if this will make any sense…but I need help about some problems that I’ve been experiencing in the last days.

I’ve been a week without porn and I’ve just started (2 days ago) my no-fap journey.

I abused porn and this made me escalate from straight and “normal” videos to more extreme content, tranny and then gay.

Since I’ve stopped whatching porn I’m experiencing some serious fear about my sexual orientation. I have always liked girls but, now, I have anxiety and I am scared of liking boys too.

Everywhere I go I look any male to see if there’s any reaction, even little or innocent (like aknowledging that a guy is objectively good looking) and I worry, making my anxiety grow.

Anyone can relate? How did you overcome it?
Please…I’m desperate.

Thanks everybody

(I apologize for any errors in my english, I’m not a native speaker).


Hey bro, Relax
no pmo journey will comfort you again. Lust is bad either way, on a girl or guy.

I think no pmo, will reduce any lust to males is you didn’t have that before, that you won’t feel it anymore. So don’t worry, guard your mind , don’t feed it bad content all porn is bad

Thank you brother. I really appreciate that


Just to be clear. We had a topic like this a few days about this subject and I had to get it shut down, because of some arguments. So let’s keep this on the down low. I agree with what @Rab_J said. I think NoPMO is a good way to heal yourself.


Absolutely, I didn’t want to cause any trouble at all…I just wanted some support from the comunity


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