I need help please share some tips

Hello i am a 17 yr old teenager,
Recently i have been fapping alot i have a hint about why i am doing that but i can’t recover from this … i am suffering from loneliness alot these days due to online classes and also i don’t have friends in real and online classes are for like 6 hours a day so i can’t even block my social media as whatsapp is required by my classes and due to that my screen time is also increased , also i am very skinny so people often make fun of me and even due to fapping and such reasons i avoid social interactions so this makes me more lonely and even if offline classes are active i avoid them every where i go people make fun of me due to which i also avoid gym and other activities , i convince myself many times that no need to pay attention to anyone but anyhow directly or indirectly it kills me slowly from inside and i just hate myself these days now, overall this affects me so badly that i am totally unoccupied these days and sitting idle makes me more prone to relapses i get urges whole day and one peek or even whatsapp gives me the trigger and i relapse and most of times i relapse without porn so even blockers don’t help … today i am so lot depressed its been a week i am sitting idle whole day i walk sometimes but again this overthinking stress loneliness kills me hard from inside i don’t have anyone by my side so i often feel like what i am in this world… even in lockdown i can’t do anything and i am totally confused i need a companion who can guide me and discuss my problems with me and need some advice related what to do at such conditions what things can i do to stay occupied i even tried reading books, doing something new but staying home without anyone to share is getting very tough for me , all i do is study and most cases screen time increases and thats also another reason for my fapping … i need someones advice and a companion , i try to motivate myself many times but its too hard for me now please help :pray:t2:


Your any kind of suggestion will be very helpful for me :pray:t2:

First of all, Don’t worry. You have realized this at a very early age. Here we have people at 35, 40 years of age still struggling. So be happy that you have got a headstart.

Second, don’t put negative thoughts in your mind. You are not the only one to be alone. In these times of online work and online classes, majority of the world is feeling lonely, you are no exception. Overthinking on this point is giving you an excuse to relapse.

Third, I am not sure whether you believe in God. But I would strongly suggest following some religious books, lectures on youtube, etc. Maybe you can follow the ISKCON-related channels, do follow Agnidev Arya Ji. I would recommend watching each and every video of AgniDev Arya Ji. Remember don’t consume too much stuff ( video, lectures, books) rather consume few stuff but repeat it till that idea gets hardwired in your brain.



Third, give positive self suggestions/affirmations to yourself. Tell yourself that you love to study, you love to be the topper of the class. Mingle with the best of the students of the class, enjoy your studies, have a feeling of competition.

Don’t think much about being weak or skinny… At this age, it’s normal to be skinny. As you do well on your streak your health will start healing really fast.

Strongly, very strongly believe, without an iota of doubt that you have already got rid of this addiction. Tell it your mind as many times as possible. Set up an alarm for 4-5 times a day and tell yourself that you are not addicted to anything, if anything you are addicted to at all, it’s just hard work and success. Believe it and soon it will start manifesting in your life !!


Thankyou so much for your advice buddy yes i do believe in god i even read bhagwad geeta asper time to calm down myself and i will surely fill my mind with positive affirmations now. I will try my best to schedule myself and workout daily …

  1. can you please give me some tips on what kind of things i can do at home?
  2. How can i interact with people again which will remove my loneliness and also fapping does same again and again which makes me feel uncomfortable among people
    I will even start meditation as far as possible

Never try to do it all at once.
In general, just focus on your studies. Be in touch with the best students in your class. I guess there should be a Whatsapp group for your class. Be an active member of that. Respond actively to academic discussions, this way you will make good friends.

Remember - you are average of 5 people you are closest to. So be with the top 5 people of your class. You will eventually become one of the top 6 students.

Once you have completed 2 or 3 weeks, introduce a new habit like meditation, Mantra Chanting, or work out. Like this keep adding a new habit every 2 or 3 weeks.

Currently, just focus on your studies. and keep brainwashing yourself.
What has been presented in this video, just follow it religiously. This will rewire your brain 100% percent.

We are what we think again and again.

GodSpeed Buddy !!! :+1:

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Thankyou so much brother … yes i will not start everything at once i will take small steps and increase one best habit each time and will make friends slowly as far as possible I have to make my thoughts positive in order to get out of this situation i will watch all these videos and meditate for positivity
Peace :peace_symbol:
Actually i am pursuing CA which needs lot of study so i agree that first i should concentrate fully on my studies and make friends which are good in academics have to repeat this myself 100 times in my mind daily
Time to see successful me as i have many years left out i can improve a lot early and i will :muscle:t2:

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I missed an important point.

If you cant measure it, you can’t fix it.

Do a daily progress update here on the forum and mostly share positive aspects. Tell your expereinces. Let people comment on your diary, this will keep you motivated,consistent and on track !!

yes buddy !! we believe in you. You will emerge victor, beyond any doubt !! and very very soon !!
Believe it with full power.


Yeah i was about to add the point of dairy i will make one soon first i need to fix my mindset and as soon as my confidence rises back i will make dairy and note every single action and its effect
Now rather than giving excuses to myself that this happened so i should relapse now i have to do something and get out of my comfort zone only this is going to make my soul happy


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