I need help please help

Yesterday Night, I was almostly slept and was dreaming about sex.then I woke up…and was about to sleep…but I was sleeping on my belly down and I was getting erection…so It was getting pressed between me and my body and I was so sleepy that I didin’t changed sleeping position…so I put a hand there…not inside but outside the pants just to form a firm surface…then my body started shaking as happens when you get a strong arosal…and that led to ejection…not a normal one…I didn’t felt any pain,etc and satisfaction, not even the feeling of regret…and I was so sleepy that at a point I was thinking it is a dream…please help me…


Since you were pretty much asleep, I would just consider it a wet dream. It wouldn’t be a relapse in my opinion. If you count every little thing that doesn’t reset your progress as a relapse, then your counter will no longer be helpful. It will demotivate you and make you feel worse about yourself. But no, I would not worry about it, it happens to everyone.


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