I need help or advice

what’s up, brothers, everything is fine on your journey? hope so!

i have been going through some complicated moments, even using the ice bath technique, avoiding some triggers like taking a shower with the door locked, etc… my longest streak was 20 days, and the second 13… but lately i’m failing in the first week, and I notice that I’ve been more stressed than usual for private reasons, but I’m discounting the worries in the wrong place. Could someone give me some advice to improve my streak?

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I don’t know if it might help you, but try to think less about the addiction and the problems and fill your thoughts with good things. It’s not a miracle but it helps me to reach a higher streak. I hope it helps.

it seems you turn to self harm (pmo) and don’t jave much willpower to do otherwise because you’re harboring some sort of shame. If you can list the events in your life that have been the most humiliating and that your ashamed of i think you’ll have stronger willpower.

If you reveal your list to someone, you’ll have even more willpower.

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