I need help in nofap. I’m failing everyday

I’m crying everyday when I relapse because of low energy. But I’m not pushing through it and not doing nofap. I don’t what I want. I don’t if I want nofap, but I don’t want depression. Or maybe I want it. Maybe crying is not bad. I don’t really understand what I should want. I just live like this everyday. I’m ok with it. Sometimes it feels not ok tough. Sometimes I feel I need a girlfriend, but then I understand that I don’t. …


Yeah l know the feeling. It’s like a tug of war in your mind where one side is like l crave for release that pleasure but on another it’s like don’t do it and stuff.
Stay strong, keep busy and fight the urges as it will be worth it in the end. People say that they are more benefits when we continue the journey towards PMO free addiction and that’s what l believe and strive towards. Hope that can be you as well. If you need someone to talk to I’m always here - Sharing Code: ixngs2


Dude firstly you don’t need porn to satisfy your urges
You are much higher than this shit
You have got great things awaiting you
You are fabulous every new day
And most of all you are a non user the moment you closed your browser of porn
Don’t stress yourself
Get out of your room and chat play be with real friends not with these two dimensional images


Listen to @striving - good advice there.

This journey doesn’t have to be pain and misery, Vardan. Read easypeasymethod.org.

It’s a different approach to quitting PMO. It doesn’t involve any willpower or discipline. It works by removing your desire to PMO by the time you’ve finished reading the book.

When the desire is gone, you don’t even want to do it anymore. You don’t find it pleasurable or enjoyable, and it’s much easier to quit. Instead of the usual method where we want to do it, but we’re fighting against ourselves with cold showers and pushups and discipline.

This method really works, it’s being shared all over the community. Once you understand the lessons in the book fully, you are free. This is the easiest journey I’ve every had in many years of trying to quit. I want you to have that joy and freedom too. Life doesn’t have to be so painful. It’s okay to cry, but save your tears for things that are genuinely important. It is well within your control to beat this addiction permanently.


Bro can you explain why not all people able to get benefit from this book, including me. I have read almost 2 times. Also there are many still in this community who is struggling with it even after reading the book. I am doing fine currently but not sure because of the book.

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@anon65589122 Many people, including myself, did not follow the instructions given in the book, and so that’s why we relapsed. The book tells us that we won’t succeed if we don’t follow the instructions. I was stubborn, I had to read it 5 times myself before the lessons finally stuck.

Let me ask you, did you justify peeking to yourself? Did you say things like, “Just this time won’t hurt,” or “This is okay, it’s not as bad as what I used to look at.” Or did you still see it as a struggle and something that you’re giving up?

You’ll know that you followed the instruction when you feel happy and excited not to be doing PMO anymore, regardless of your streak. You get this feeling that the mind finally agrees with you that PMO is worthless garbage, and you don’t want it anymore.

Tell me about your experience.

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@Forerunner i am not addicted to porn so some of the chapters i couldn’t relate. But I am addicted of masturbation which i do using the past girl i had in my life or sometimes the friends i have currently.

But yeah i haven’t got that happy feeling you are talking about. I guess i have forgotten many of the things i read there. There is not much written there about fantasy or may be i have missed something there.

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@anon65589122 I see. The same techniques in the book work for masturbation too, but you will have to tailor it for yourself. The book is designed to help quit pornography addiction. It speaks very little about fantasy or masturbation alone.

Still, the truth is just the same. You are gaining nothing from masturbation, your life is 100x better without it, and as long as you don’t decide to fantasise or give into thoughts of masturbation, you can be free. And the idea is to REJOICE that you don’t have to follow that old addicted lifestyle anymore. It is the happiness part that is essential to this method.

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@Forerunner Okay. I get it. I have seen your youtube channel. And it seems you are doing very well in NoFap. So I should take your advice. Currently I have exams going on but I will read that book 2 and 3 times again.

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@Vardan51878 I hope you’re doing okay. We’ve all been there, we know the pain that PMO causes. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore!

I’ve recorded a video sharing my experiences with the EasyPeasy book. If people haven’t read it yet, I hope this video will encourage you to do so!

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I’m going to be shocked when I quit pmo and see what the real life looks like. Because when pmo started to ruin my life I wasn’t even mature :joy:.

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Most of us weren’t bro. Too many of us started so young.

It’s good to be become and start living the lives we were supposed to!

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DAY 2 no PMO

I am trying my level best not to sleep in the afternoon, so that I can sleep early in the night. Or else my biggest issue is night sleep. I watch good things initially but gradually, the content turns more and more erotic and finally end up in FAPPING.

The courageous say before the lustful thought comes to the concious mind, you nip it in the bud, in the sense don’t give it any power to manifest in your mind’s concious.

All our thoughts get power only if we consciously give power to the thoughts. If we choose not to give them power, they may remain in the concious mind like a dark cloud and pass on without creating any havoc . We should have full faith that our true nature is pure awareness, pure witness.

Ofcourse this is half of the practice , the other half is the emotions and instincts . These instincts don’t ask your permission for indulgence. It is the habit of our past momentum of actions. The only way out of this after a lot of thinking is disciplined life . We need to suffer the pangs of dry spells and wean our self from our comfort level.

I am stuck here I fuckin want to get disciplined and get out of the viscous cycle of pleasure seeking and laziness.

I have gotten 82 kg weight , my ideal weight is 70 kgs . I want to loose this weight.
I want to get up in the early mornings and exercise but I am stuck. Which is only an excuse for my weakness. Com on Self take the responsibility on your own shoulders how long can you feel sorry for your self and blame outside nature.
Thanks for listening

Friend please use urge button when feel urge it helped me a lot
I was also in same situation
Do meditation with that sound
After few week 2-3 promise to your belif or god thst you will not ever masturbation

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