I need help from you guys

Brothers , I really need your help and suggestions.
Firstly listen to my story.
I was a very quite person 3-4 years ago all because of p***. When I started my college I was already addicted. So in my hostel whenever I was alone or free I watched p*** and fapped .
Now after living for an year in home and with the help of you guys I managed to do 90+ days streak . I am confident . But as this covid time ends . I went back to my hostel. I am now in my hostel . And due to some reasons I am all alone in it. No one here.
And sad part is the environment , memories I have created here are more strong then my will.
I thought my experience was enough to beat urges but no it is like automatic . After waking up in afternoon I automatically search for p*** .
I fapped twice today​:tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:( sorry to my supporters.)
I am weak .but I don’t want to be.
I need your support for few days to build new memories. It’s like fighting from addiction again.but this time without support. Like final boss.
I don’t want to go back to that pit .now that I know the real face of it.
I am planning to follow my new routine from tommorow .but I don’t think I have my will left.
Still gonna try.
Will post here my work done here


You know what the best thing i could suggest you to get out of this PMO cycle is read β€œEASY PEASY BOOK”!
Trust me if you want to end this relapse cycle , just read it! Its not a very long book , it can be read in some hours only!


Dear @pingpong1

There will always some situation where you are alone. Situations keep changing but what stays same is you.
Maintain your routine as you were in home. When I started here, similar was my situation. I was at home at start but not now.
You make the environment and not the other way. Rearrange your room. Keep it tidy. Have tasks handy. Have plans ready. Stick to them. Keep working hard. Keep consistency. Do not make yourself that person who should regret after 5-10 years back.

You make your own destiny. Choose wisely. Remeber that You are the Boss. It’s you who decides what to do, not any ghostly power. Just decide the right thing. Do not fear pain and discomfort. People in comfort zone are seldom the successful people.

Act now. Bygone are bygone. Realise your hidden potential. You are a great soul. Remember it.

All the very best.


Day 1
Early rise 5:50 :white_check_mark:
Fresh :white_check_mark:
Running and exercises :white_check_mark:
Then bath with cold water :white_check_mark:
Study - approx 6 hours :white_check_mark:(momentum disturbed)
Realised my mistake
NCC class :white_check_mark:
Daily talk or outside walk :white_check_mark:
Money expenditure control :x:
Mobile usage 3 hours of you tube
Will sleep after reading easy peasy book


Bro get your freedom back, this help me a lot you can use it while you sleep

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Thanks bro. I will surely give it a try.

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