I need help, flatline's starting

I feel flatline is already starting, i’m having way too much screentime and I can’t stop touching my dick… I start touching it without noticing and even start masturbation but quickly stop after it

It usually happens in the morning, but I feel I shouldn’t reset my counter because of it because i’m not relapsing, and my biggest issue is porn-

Anyways, i’m starting to feel sad, anxious and that… I’ve even been wanting to feel negativity by seeing some NoFappers that gave up the challenge on Reddit’s community, but they ended coming up again just like me

Ugh, I sometimes regret having joined and researched all of this and still being unable to get over it, I haven’t relapsed yet but i’m reaching the frustration and sadness stage again when I end up relapsing as always-

I would love making it to the end of this year PMO free, but…


Being honest about my feelings, I hate suffering and knowing it, because I know that i’m doing wrong

Anyways, I remember my relapses before NoFap, I miss thinking I felt bad because I watched the wrong stuff, or that I went way too far with lust and should watch something softer next time… I was a fool, but I didn’t knew it…

Whatever, dudes-

It’s 12:52 AM as I write this, I can’t sleep and I feel I could just jerk off until I break my damn penis and come here crying about it like a loser… But my streak, and the other negative stuff in my life is the only thing holding me back cuz I’m having a hard time with screen time, depression and other stuff, and PMO would just get stuff worse…


How are doing now?
I hope to be fine
Quitting porn doesn’t mean that you won’t suffer of struggle
it’s not easy
and the only way to overcome porn is by having you battle everyday
you have to control it as mush as u can
take eash day as a challenge and try to be busy with something that you’re passionated with


Strong urges right now, man…

I don’t want to fight, I don’t want struggle

I’ve had a lot of that shit, why should I get even more? What will I get?

I’ve been struggling since I was 12 and this year I will turn 17, so… Why should I feel even more pain after 6 years of fighthing?

sorry for being negative, i’m tired and mad right now


Just stop using mobile for a few hours. A lot specific time i.e. 2 hrs daily for screen time. Decrease it by 15 minutes after 1 week.

@Hope_2022 relax bro. Everything will turn out good. You need to develop a positive perspective.
You must take control of your actions. And it’s simple. Make a routine. Accomplish tasks. It will boost your confidence and give you more happiness.

Exercise. It will improve mood. Work plus exercise eliminates depression.

Do these 3 things. And message here how you feel at the end of the day.

Have a positive perspective in the face of adversity and you will level up to deal with it.


I’m afriad that it’s not an option
every path you take has its own battles
adapting to this situation is hard
try to change all that is hard.
.just choice the hard path that y deserve to go through

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Daily check-in 4/1/23

POV: Choose where you want to be on this picture :dagger:
300px-Black_Hole_in_the_universe (1)

Tips 1 - try to divert your mind. Engage in some activities, focus on your studies, focus on your work, meet your friends, go for evening walk, etc…etc
Tips 2 - be in front of someone like your parents, brother or sister, etc
Tips 3 - watch movies or any webseries or TV serials or news.
Tips 4 - listen song. Work while listening :headphones:.
Tips 5 - calm down and have patience. Even you know these things are wrong but your willpower is not strong enough.
Tips 6 - try to build a better mental clarity.
Tips 7 - sleep before 11 and wake up by 07 morning. Try for one month.

Best way - train your mind, divert your mind, ignore these stuff only for one week after then you’ll have enough strength to ignore these even for months.
Don’t even see any seductive pictures. Afterall these are challenge.
You are here to see changes in yourself, I bet you will win.

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Bro, what you described here is not flatline. You have lurking urges. To be honest I guess you peeked on something and you mess with your conscience now. You awakened your little moster with peeking or lustful fantasies(the part of your brain that is addicted to p#rn) and now you try to deal with the consequences. It’s hunger that caused your lust and you feel depressed because you know deep inside what you did. The good thing is that you can stop right now.

You also might suffer because this whole community tends to think that you has to suffer through your streak because that’s the way for salvation. Well this is utter bullshit. You don’t have to suffer. You are not destined to go through hell with unbeerable pain to be free again. Read the easy peasy method book, you can find it online for free. I don’t fully agree with it, but I agree that we make ourself suffer way more than it is actually needed. Because there is so many different experience around on this forum that we mislead each other with helpful and kind intentions, while we forget the truth: the 99% of this community is from those who never succeded getting free from PMO. Yes this also invalidates my words as well. I’m one of the 99% as well. But I won’t be for long. But I can’t give you a solution. I have only faith. If anyone would have a perfect solution than there wouldn’t be anyone on this forum anymore.

About flatline. Flatline is when you have zero libido and feel fully numb emotionally. Yes in this case you even have less desire to watch p#rn because you can’t feel strong desires at all. People usually relapse during flatline because start to question themselfs due to their lack of emotions and they start to worry about their manlyness(s#xual performance) since in this period they experience nothing but a limp d#ck uselessly slinging between their legs.

I believe the flatline period is there for the body and mind to align and get into balance. As your streak goes, your mind is strarting to change. Your nerves are in rewire. Your senses and body has to adopt to the change.
I consider flatline like this:
1: My mind reached a point in change by rewire where it needs my senses and body to catch up. It can’t go on without them adjusting.
2: My mind shuts down emotionally and libidowise. This gives time to my body and senses to adjust accordingly to the state of my current mind. It can be a few days or take as long as weeks.
3: As soon as my senses are up and my body is ready, my mind boots up my libido and emotions usually in a better state and flatline is over.

After a flatline I usually notice a great rise mood and higher energy levels in my body. People usually notice better morning woods after a flatline than it was before it.
Many of the community members consider flatline as somethimg scarry and hard to deal with. I think it’s good and I usually feel like it gives me a chance to rest because I have to be less aware of the urges. I the fact that after is always way better gives me good vibes to be patient enough to wait till it’s over. It’s always rewarding.

I hope you can reconsider your mindset based on this tldr thing I fatched here :grin: or you can give 0 f#cks since I’m also part of the 99%. I won’t mind. I’m on my 38th day, my confidence is high enough that can give 0 f#cks also. :laughing:

Anyway, that’s enough. Have a great journey to freedom!

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I’ve already try quitting using easy peasy, that’s what removed my brainwashing and taught me a lot of stuff about PMO

And, you made me feel real bad assuming I’ve peeked, I’ve not entered any porn site since I started…

Idk, i’m just deppresed and I have this period everytime after a week of abstinence, the only thing in my head becomes PMO’ing and I start feeling so damn horrible and end up up relapsing

It’s different this time because i’m commited to a longer streak than this, and I feel like shit every day with PMO or without it, but the more shit I can avoid it’s better

I don’t want to be in such picture…

But, I should be careful about what I wish, because it could become true, that’s why I don’t feel like saying that if I were I would delete myself from it