I need help / advice

Guys i am facing nightfall every 2 days is it normal? How to stop it ? Please tell me :pensive:


It is gonna stop sooner or later …i also had these periods where i had them almost every day for 2-3 weeks…and then i didnt have them for like 50 days

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Bro i had nightfalls 2-3 months but it doesn’t stop what should i do ? Should i wait ? :pensive:

Every day?
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Not everyday sometime a week / 2weeks and sometimes 2-3 days.

Every 2 days not normal I guess.
You should seek professional help bro.


I’m scared please tell me is it serious problem
(Sometimes 1/2 weeks)

Not serious, but nor a good thing either imo.

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Bro did you have experienced nightfall till now ?
If you have how did you overcome it?

Ofcourse. Everyone experienced at some point.

Problem is when it’s frequent. Like everyday or every two days.

My nightfalls are rare. Like average 4/5 times in six month.

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From now i will wait and watch if nightfall occurs regularly i will tell you. And also start meditating ( does it help ? )

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IDK maybe it does.

Just don’t think or fantasize more about stuffs. Those act on the subconscious mind.
Also it happens when you do semen retention for long.

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Try to sleep early and wake up early
Avoid thinking about PMO through the day
If an urge comes, meditate
Listen to a relaxing music before you sleep
Make sure to sleep in a dark room with no single light that could get in it
Reduce your stress and stay happy and cheerful :blush:

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Thank you brother for your advice :heart:

Thanks brother for your support :heart:

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No problem brother, happy to help :blue_heart:

Like @Binocular said try to wake up early in the morning between 5-5:30 a.m. your body heat will be in control day by day. Body heat is also cause of nightfall. @Eren

It will go away as you progress i rarely have a nightfall now

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