I need advice Nikitaro please help me

People I need advice.My story I now had someone who knows what happened to me, probably a relapse, I watched top anime and then I somehow wanted porn, I understood it but didn’t screw it up after that, how I took control of everything incomplete of course, I started to block those wildly sexy anime not an obvious hintai and no boobs, but then the last anime was an elven song and did not know that there were boobs, so I saw it in short then turned off the computer but I kind of had a phone without a blocker and I found out about one anime that is still a hintai it was During that, without a control dialing and this end, I still at the very end, thinking, took out the browser and blocked that very elf song. What is it like a recurrence or not for me to wind up my series or not?


Bro you did a good job. You blocked everything i don’t think it’s a relapse. You didn’t do peeking intentionally.


sorry, it seemed to me that the silence I gave up, I thought it was definitely a relapse


Did you had orgasm? Did you masturbate after that? If you didn’t then no it wasn’t a relapse. But avoid all those animes and series or movies which have sexual content. Never use Netflix. Hollywood is pushing and brainwashing everyone that Masturbation and porn is normal. They are destroying people.

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Hey how aree you doing?

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