I need a new companion to get me past this addiction

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Age - 32
Gender - M
Location - US

Why I want a companion - I want a companion because I get lonely very quickly.

I need someone to encourage me and help me escape my cycle.

Everyone I have known on here who started has improved and I am still behind.

I relapse every 2 days or specifically Fridays. Sundays, and Wednesdays.

I relapse due to using my phone after waking up because I have not activities and no friends and no girlfriend to be with.

My Dad is always asking me what I’m doing when I’m not in the same room with him.

If I go outside, he will call me and iritate me causing stress on me. His view is thats love.

My view is lack of peace. I masterbate to porn in my bedroom when they (mom and dad) think I am asleep.

I have been doing PMO since April of 2020.

Before February 2020, I didn’t know what masterbation was.

I never had a girlfriend because my Dad is always around and he will never let me go. He is a Codependent parent who relies on me because he wants me to be his permanent assistant for everything.

Pay the bills, set up appointments, massage his back and his head multiple times a day, take him for 5 hours drives when he wants to even if I am so tired I could have a car accident he demands a ride to nowhere for 5 hours.

Set up the special bathroom chair, get him his favorite drink 3 to 4 times a day, help him exercise, and listen to his same ramblings about his dialysis and politics day in and day out.

Someone help me escape this addiction and help get a girlfriend who can understand my horrible life situation.


forget about gf that’s all i would like to say. concentrate on yourself. soon your life. start changing. i am in the same path where you are today. please let me know how can i help?

2 things

1 to be someone who advises me on my relapses and how to get past them.

  1. Someone to talk to. I need someone to message daily.
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This wish can’t be fullfilled by any one person only.
Nobody is free enough to be by your side always.
For your wish to come true you need to go out and socialise.
Join Gym, join some institute or organisation or group that adds value to your life. Join Self-improvement discord servers in general and also some hangout groups. U can always make friends when you feel better about yourself. First you need to workout on yourself.

The chains that hold you, your dad and you yourself, break that first.

Take time for yourself. IDK whatever your dad’s situation may be, but you are the one fueling your situation yourself.

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You can join our no p challenge if u feel
If you can manhandle p and you will be among people

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