I need a companion

Sharing code - 29c4ba

Current steak - 0 days *
Highest steak - 8 days *
Age - 18
Gender - M
Location - Nigeria

Why I want a companion - i want a companion who would challenge me to be better. I want to start 1 year streak. I can’t do it alone

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Add my code 72358d

Age - 22
Current streak - 0 Days
Longest streak - 4 Days
Gender - M
Location - USA

Lets do this together!

Joining the recovery journey with you. Currently, my streak is 0, but I wanna come back on track 2259e7

Bro join 21 days challenge accountability group …go to nf companion fourm and click accountability group -categries …you will see 21 days challenge life of god’s … waiting of you bro…

This is my code: e63d40
I’m new…I added all u guys here…

Don’t do this Alone. Add me 41dbff

Yo guys, 27 yo male from Poland here. I have added ya all. Please return the favor: 55114f God bless!

I have completed 2 days without nofap. I am doing fap for last 12 or 13 years. Want to stop this shit. We can do this together by helping each other.

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