I need a companion in this noble path


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Why I want a companion - i need a companion so that this noble jouney is more interesting


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Hi. I’m also looking for a partner in this.
However I have realised that I need to do something radical to beat this.
And that is to have someone that can watch every step I do. I’ll explain…
I have a pornblocker on my computer called k9. Its free and actually really good. I use a password that I can’t remember and a mailadress that I have deleted. So I can’t use my computer to look at porn… So far so good. But I can still look at porn with my phone, for this I use a pornblocker called qustodio. It’s free but not a wery good one and it’s easily fooled. But it tracks everything I do on my phone. So if you want to be my partner in this here’s the login page:
Mail address: [email protected]
And password: ksh56ljKg
This way I know that you can hold me accountable.
Are you in? You don’t have do the same.

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