I like younger girls

Hi guys. I used to fap on porn from 18 to 34 years( Now suddenly I’m 35 (OMG!!!). My youth lost forever, feeling like I skipped some important part of my life. I didn’t date girls, didn’t touch them, didn’t thousand things with them… I feel like 18-25yo boy and… I like girls 18-22yo only. Should I go to kill myself? I quit PMO, hope finally, now 21 days. I have a strong fear that those girls wont like me because of my age( What should I do?


It’s good that you’ve overcome your addiction and realized everything that was sabotaging your everything. Why would you kill yourself, you’re only 35. To answer your question, I pretty much know alot of chicks around 24-27,28 y/o chicks prefer to date 30+ dudes, because of they think dudes over 30 are more mature and not like the one from 20s. So don’t worry go out have fun. Now you end PMO your good life starts. All the best buddy.


Thanks for kind words, buddy. Somehow it’s very important for me, maybe, like unlearned lessons should finally got studied. The problem is to stop feel myself old shit, relax, and enjoy easy conversation. I have a great hope for 90 days streak. Last my longest streak was 60 days and it didn’t give noticable results

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