I keep on fapping need advice, join me on my jouney to nofap

Join me on the journey to rewire paste your codes down below, competition to 90 days.

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My sharing code: af92095
Just a disclaimer. I don’t relapse. You will lose. I am on Monk mode. No pmo, no sex. Are you up for it ( just be true to the app)


Hey apoorv, I am too in the monk mode and aiming to achieve upto 4384 days of celibacy atleast. Its good and great to see you guys here renouncing porn forever.

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Hi dudebro, I’m with u, don’t fall back again 207c27a

Yes i am up for it my longest stream is 40 days

Alright i fapped, on my way to 30. Join if u wanna. Determined to be my last

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Did it again. No more…

Bless you guys! We will win together.