I keep failing at nofap

I sit my home doing nothing all day on weekends and it keeps happening. I just want to stop doing it once and for all and Ill be able to hold for 2 days and then it’s like a beast takes over my mind and I give into my urges man. I don’t know how the hell people do this anymore.


It’s hard to complete 15 days of no fap but if you cross this count it will be very easy further

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I’m usually not allowed to leave my house unless it’s for school so it’s hard for me to do stuff. When it gets warmer outside it’s much more lenient but otherwise I’m stuck here.

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When you focus on trying to make your withdrawal.go away, then you will fail. You spend so much energy trying to force your temptation to leave that when it stays, you don’t have enough energy to continue to fight it. Withdrawal won’t leave. It will stay, ebb and flow. You will have mood swings, shakes, dreams, headaches, and a compulsive urge. Don’t fight it. Instead, accept it and let it work in you. Don’t live as if you need to make the pain go away. It will only go away in time. Instead, learn to live with and through the pain. You can’t go around it, but instead must go through it. I’m no saint myself, and I’ve failed often, but this one truth - that our bodies don’t need constant pleasure but instead need to accept what they feel - has changed my life.

So often, we treat “quitting porn” like porn. We don’t like how we feel without porn so we use porn. But porn makes things worse so we decide to leave it, thinking it will make us feel better. The problem is when, with that mentality, we run into withdrawal and realize that porn is much better than withdrawal! Don’t treat your sobriety like porn. Your body doesn’t need to be feeling good all the time. When you’re tempted, realize that you don’t have to listen to it, and more so, you don’t have to fight it. Distract yourself from it if you must, but don’t ever feel like your main purpose in life is to feel good. With that mentality you might as well just stay on porn. Instead, realize that your body is to feel reality. And being in pain is reality. Let it happen, and plough through your previous streaks. Best of luck bro! You can change. Accept the reality that porn and even some of our coping skills try to numb you from. It’s a better place to live.

Wow man that was excellent thank you that’s sound advice.

Thank you very much I will use this advice.

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If you can make it one day, you can make it 90 days.

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It’s tough man,. But the only way you can free yourself from this chain of PMO is engaging in any activities, like focusing more on hobbies. Take one or two days off your schedule and concentrate on the present day. I’m sure it will help. GOOD LUCK.

I think, that failing isn’t only bad. especially at the beginning, failing shows you a lot about your addiction. You can learn a lot if you analyze the situation.
When, where, why did you open porn, how did it feel and so on.

For me, relapsing was a big part on the way to where I am now.
I don’t say that you shouldn’t care and relapse as often as you want but if you relapse you can also use it and learn from it