I keep disappointing

Hey guys

I’m tired of promising my self and promising God, then breaking my promise. I know I’m trying for a year now, but I’m not getting better.

Whenever I feel weak, tired, sad, my mind shift away from God, like he’s not in my life. and I comfort myself with sins and pmo. I go to church, but I’m not really religious. Always thinking of God is tiring, need to take hits from people around you, and love them in return. I’m weak myself can’t afford taking hits for anyone or from anyone.

I went to church and confessed last Sunday, today I relapsed, cursed , fantasized, yelled, got angry and stressed. relapse wasn’t just jerking.

So I failed again, and I don’t see the point of asking for forgiveness, or confessing. Knowing I’ll disappoint, I’ll fail.

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I am also trying from last 2 years and my best streak in 2 years is just 20 days. Can you imagine how hard it is to reach only 20 days in 2 years and my average is just 4-6 days. But you know what I’ll never give up. Why I give up ? … I don’t have reasons to give up but I have thousands of reasons to keep going.
Life is hard brother , it’s very hard. And you have to keep pushing yourself in every situation.
So get up , recharge yourself and bounce back with full energy :raised_hands:


Brother, next time whenever you get the urge, pray to God to help you get out of this situation. Its good that you approach God, so let Him help you. He is there inside you ready to help you if you ask for it. Next time you get the urge, pray to God and bow down before Him. Remember, things can get out of our control, but never out of His control. He can always help you, but first you need to ask for it! Lust is not an easy thing to give up. Even if you fail, remember He still loves you, and will love you unlimitedly! Try to hear more about God! I am also an aspiring servant of God Krishna, and I know how much He loves me, so I am here ready to give up this for my lifetime!
Cheer up bro and start again, its never too late! Trust Him and never leave Him!


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