I just replased to Share my ExperiencešŸ¤”

Counting days was the biggest mistake when i started nofap journey but now i know how to control urges and i am going to share my experience with you.

I relapsed 9 days ago just to know that how can i control urges that other beginners are experiencing while they start their nofap journey from day one.

when i relapsed, i was considering that i am beginner and today is the day 1 i would never relapse again (usually every beginner to nofap journey think in his/her mind). But I did not get any urges to fap again and the question is how is it possible?

because i know that how to control urges from day 1 and if every beginner will know that how to control urges then he/she will never replase again.

There are the following points you must always keep in mind from day one or whatever day at you reached.

  1. Deep work is the best method to stop urges. Keep yourself busy to achieve your future goals. I take 4 hours for sleep and spend almost all the time to work toward my goals and to enjoy the real life. We spend one third of our life in sleeping but it is not important. 4 Hour of sleep is better for the body even if you are doing hardwork because nofap will give you energy to do the work. I didnā€™t know how my nine days were spent without thinking about masturbation or porn or without urges.

  2. Set your mind:- Ask yourself, How many years old am i? 18? 20? or 25? or more than 25? and think, i have spend 18 or (at whatever age you are ) years on fapping or watching porn and what i gain? Nothing, So why i am repeating the same mistakes again and again. Suppose if you didnā€™t spend your past years on fapping or watching porn then you would have gain all the powers that no one can achieve in the world with fapping. So set your mind that nothing will happen if i stop fapping and watching porn. Enjoy your real life, seek real pleasure in life and you will forget urges after a period of time.

  3. Meditation is one of the key that will convert your semen into the spiritual power. You will be energetic after taking 3 hours of sleep because sleeping is a dead stage and when you do meditation, your mind and body will get relaxed. Just focus on your breath. This is the best practice of meditation. Always do meditation for one or more than one hour and if you are a beginner then you can start with 15 to 20 minute everyday.

I am on day 9 and I didnā€™t realise how I spend my nine days without urges. you have to do meditation to avoid the distraction such as social media. Deep work is one of the best thing that will control your all the urges. Keep yourself busy and see the magic.

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Thank you


Sure bro. Most of the guys know these things. But nobody is practicing it. Thatā€™s the prblm of this. But we have to change this world. Start working, keep working, gain something.


Go on ur streak and continue posting things like this


Bruh seriously?
Then why Matthew Walker (A Neuro Scientist) wrote a whole book on ā€œwhy we sleepā€ Recommending 7-8 hours of sleep for long term health.
If you have time give that book a read.
But if you are really getting away easily with 4 hours of sleep with good focus and all throughout the day, you are just on some another level :fire:.
Keep going :+1:.

YesšŸ™ƒ, it all depends upon your subconscious mind. If you have read that 6-7 hour of sleep is important and your subconscious mind have admitted then it is important for you. My subconscious mind knows that 4 to 5 hour of sleep is important for me and i feel refresh after taking it 4 to 5 hours.
If your subconscious mind have admitted that 8 to 10 hours of sleep important then no one will influence you to sleep 4 to 5 or 6 to 7.

I believe, semen has abundance power and when we do meditation with nofap practice then it will make you superhuman.

Why we sleep? To relax our mind and body? Meditation is the same thing, meditation is also refresh and relax our body. If you can do meditation instead of sleeping then you donā€™t need for sleep. I do meditation more than one hour that make my body relax and refresh. Hence, i take maximum 4 hour of sleep.

I think you get it, arenā€™t you?

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Thatā€™s nice man. I got it :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Thanks for sharing your experience! Great to see your progress

I think regarding sleep, we just donā€™t know yet what is good and what is not. There is no thing experts can agree upon. Should we sleep in one block or napping multiple times a day. Is it 4 hrs 8 or 9. Then there is also the opinion that there just is a huge deviation for the population. That for some reason, certain people need 9hrs while others can go with 5hrs.

I think how much sleep you need depends on a ton of different factors. And in the end, just try out which works best for you.


Thatā€™s true. I personally canā€™t focus and find it hard to stick with my good habits if I sleep for less than 7-8 hours.

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Same here. I tried all kinds of different sleep schedules. The ones that work best for me are either about 6hrs at night with a 1hr nap after lunch or 8hrs at night.

I can adopt other schedules for a month or so but I recognized how it slowly drained my energy


Did you relapse purposefully so that you could share your experience? Or you relapsed and because of that you are sharing your experience? Iā€™m confused


Hey man, many thanks for the experience! However, let me voice my doubtsā€¦

You relapsed 9 days ago just to share your insights which, I believe, could have been obtained without relapsing. Maybe Iā€™m missing something, but it feels very much as if you are trying to justify yourselfā€¦

Therefore, let me ask you this - what makes you the right person to advice the beginners? I donā€™t mean to attack you, itā€™s only that Iā€™m on my day 70 and I still donā€™t feel like someone who could claim that he relapsed just to share experienceā€¦

However, I admire your approach which is kind of what bodhisattvas do when they reject Nirvana in order to release other living creatures from Samsara


I am busy but on my off days somehow I relapsed. I was going good and after the 8th day, I relapsed. now i m feeling difficult to start it all over again

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In an alone place, ask yourself, what is my actual goal that i want to achieve? If you do not have any goal then take a board or paper and write a clear goal on it.
Write a goal that is difficult for you to achieve and spend your all the time to achieve it.
Suppose you donā€™t have any goal and you want to keep yourself busy, so do one thing, Take a whiteboard or piece of paper, mention the amount you want to earn in three month (choose time period accordingly) such as 1,00,000 on 1 February, 2022 and fix it on wall and see it everyday. It is very clear goal with amount and date. Make sure goal must be achieveable and fix. Do not make any excuses.

Your mind will automatically find the ways of earning. Invest your all the time on earning money and researching the methods of earning money. Keep yourself busy with the goal and you must have to achieve the goal that you set for three months. Focus all your semen energy to achieve your goals.

A hard or strong goal will make you busy. So try it out.

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I have experienced exactly the same. For me around 8 hours of sleep at night is the best for optimum productivity, I even tried sleeping for 7 hours at night and 30 min to 1 hour nap in the day, even that didnā€™t work :sweat_smile:.

He is saying that he relapsed purposefully so that he can experience the urges that beginners experience so that he can advice them on how to control the urges. Thatā€™s extreme level of logic man, noobs like us canā€™t understand that.


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